Monday, August 17, 2009


2 weddings

Two of my friends from law school got married within the last few weeks. Kim got married first in Pinehurst at The Fair Barn and Jennifer got married next in Charlotte and her reception was at the botanical gardens. Here are a few limited pics from them as my camera is new and I am still trying to figure out how to work it thus everything is blurry (how did you like that sentence?)

Kim's wedding:

Jennifer's wedding:

Told you the pictures were random.


Beach week

Sorry - I've been busy.

The last week in July was our annual vacation to the Outer Banks. This year we stayed in a 10 bedroom in Nags Head.

The sad part was that my brother couldn't be there, as he was in FL for swamp phase (fingers crossed!!!) Lots of fun was had by all. I got random sunburn (some in the shape of fingers - one looks like a pretzel). My uncle Joe and I won the baggo tourney.

My team won our own version of Family Feud (surveyed 25 Hackmans and Hackman wanna-bes).

Played a good couple of rounds of Cheers Governor - found out who Lamont Cranston is. Had a graduation party for the youngest Top Shelf member, Scott. It was a Rock Band party and people dressed appropriately. That turned into Dance Party.

Played a little American Gladiators and guitar hero. Ate sushi and DQ. Fried a turkey or 2.

Went out to celebrate a very delayed Happy 21st to Yecats.

All in all a good time with the fam.

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