Thursday, August 30, 2007


Lil' Peg

I must have been channeling my grandma earlier today. I was sitting in a recliner, knitting and watching the game show network. Too bad "Match Game" wasn't on.

On a side note, my cousins, siblings and I would kick ass on just about any game show - especially Family Feud, Chain Reaction, Blockbusters (which I don't think films new shows) or Lingo.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007



Why do some people spell son of a bitch, sonovabitch? It doesn't really save letters or time or anything. And it doesn't make sense. And Blogger spell check doesn't recognize it. Just wondering.

Monday, August 27, 2007



This weekend was chock-full of anticipation and anxiety. I went home to Atlanta, not realizing that the bar was sending our passage letters out before I would get back in town. A friend called me on Saturday to tell me she had passed. The butterflies began as I knew my letter was sitting in my mailbox. I didn't want anyone else to read it before me, however, so I didn't ask anyone to go read it. The butterflies grew into hummingbirds on Sunday when another friend called me to say she had failed. It was awful. I felt so bad for her, but couldn't help also wondering what was in store for me. We had discussed our essay answers after the first day and had similar responses. Monday morning and the plane ride home occurred while I had a huge pit in my stomach. The drive from my brother's house to mine had me feeling like I was going to vomit. I was literally shaking so hard that I could barley open the envelope. When I saw the word, "Congratulations!" I burst into tears and cried for about 2 minutes. It was the most stressful and happy 30 seconds of my life. I'm going to be a lawyer - for real!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Enjoyable, Not enjoyable

Here are some things that have happened in the last few days. You decide if I thought they were enjoyable or not enjoyable.

A - I learned how to knit - for reals y'all. My friend Mon had a kit and she couldn't figure out the directions and gave it to me. I bought new yarn because the yarn they supplied with the kit didn't let me see what I was doing. I am 1/3 of the way to a scarf and have completed a crappy potholder.

B - In regards to the aforementioned yarn. I went upstairs to check on something after I brought the yarn home and came downstairs to this:

C - My sister came down and stayed at my house for a couple of days and we went apartment hunting for me. The only one that was online in the area I am going was very small. But it's near a lot of good shopping, including a TCBY (which I haven't been able to find in years) and a Chili's (Roll's favorite place).

D - My brother and his roommate made me go to Golden Corral for dinner. They did have awesome chocolate covered strawberries.

E - I finished the first leg of a sibling blood study (for which I'll be paid). It was pretty easy - just donate some blood. The next 2 legs apparently suck. Considering that it involves collecting your pee and getting your blood pressure taken every 15 minutes for a day, I'm guessing that's about right.

F - After giving blood, I met my sister and we went to lunch at Mad Hatter's and split sandwiches and a cookie. (She will be soooo pissed about this:)

G - I flew down to Atlanta on Wednesday. My flight was delayed an hour (which I saw and got there 30 minutes after I was originally supposed to be there), but arrived just about on time.

H - Nobody sat next to me on the flight, they had good pretzels, and Air Tran now offers satellite radio during the flight.

I - When the pilot announces things over the intercom, it cuts off the radio and is about 4 times the volume of the song you were listening to.

J - We passed a lightening storm. I tried to take pictures or video, but my camera was not cooperating. It was far enough away to not be scary. It felt like I was watching Zeus hurl bolts down to Earth.

K - On Thursday, I went to the GA Aquarium with my friend T-Dawg. There weren't very many people there. We touched sting rays (velvety), a shark (rubbery), shrimp (hard) and sea anemones (soft and sticky on the tips). We saw 2 kinds of otters - both playful. Sea otters are also given Kongs full of fish to play with. We also saw whale sharks, a humphead fish, and many others. It was a nice aquarium, but I think they need to add a live show with dolphins and sea lions or walruses. Here's a penguin and a male Beluga whale (you know he's the boy because his flippers are curled up, and the penis, which isn't visible in this picture.):

In case you couldn't figure them out on your own, here are the answers to enjoyable, not enjoyable.

A- Enjoyable
B- Not enjoyable
C- Enjoyable (drive), not enjoyable (small apartment)
D- Not enjoyable (on principle of the thing), enjoyable (strawberries & conversation)
E- Enjoyable (I will be paid), soon to be not enjoyable (collecting pee)
F- Enjoyable, more enjoyable (pissing off sister)
G- Not enjoyable
H- Enjoyable
I- Not enjoyable
J- Enjoyable
K- Enjoyable (have rediscovered that I don't like people)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


What's going on

There are so many things that I've been meaning to post but don't. In general this is because the computer I currently own sucks goat balls, but sometimes I forget. That is what's annoying me right now. I am at my brother's house and using his functioning computer but I left all my notes that I wrote to remind myself what I'd been planning on talking about at my house. Oh well.

I do recall one topic - pedophilia. A neighbor once told my mom, "You know you're old when you start thinking your kids' friends are hot". While I don't have any kids, and even if I did, I would not find elementary school aged children attractive, there have been a surprising amount of young new people that I feel dirty about liking.

For example, Zac Efron, from the High School Musical fame, is freaking adorable. But he is 20. Additionally there is Harry Potter, who is only 18. But there is this picture of him which makes me feel less like he is a child, because I am 27 and don't have any pictures like this. There is also Neil from So You Think You Can Dance. He's 20 and adorable! Lastly is Nick Simmons - son of Gene Simmons. I have discovered and now watch Gene Simmons: Family Jewels. Very interesting. He's only 18. Although I just he's cute in a bear hug little person kind of way.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Beach Week

As most of you know, just about every year I go to beach with my extended family. Oddly, it's my father's side of the family, although my mom goes and my dad doesn't. But what can you do, we've got a weird family dynamic. Anyways, our house this year was in South Nags Head on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It's one of the few places that has houses big enough for all of us to fit in. This year's house had 10 bedrooms and we still had people sleeping on couches.

The first day we got there, we played baggo (or cornhole depending on where you learned how to play and your level of vulgarity). We basically had a sideline set up, which included lots of alcohol, cause that's how we do. The one bad part about the front year was the prickers. There were little balls with thorns in them and they got stuck in your feet - so you had to wear shoes and even then some got on you.

Jeff thought it'd be fun to try out some wrestling moves and Roll thought it'd be more fun to jump on us. See how my neck goes the wrong direction? Fun times!

We spent most of the week on the beach. Luckily during the heat wave, we got to sit in the sand, with a nice breeze, and go in the ocean or pool when it got too hot. We rented a kayak, got some floats and boogie boards and had a grand old time. I went the whole week with just minimum sunburn, which is an accomplishment for me!

This year, my Pop-Pop came too. He went out on the beach just about every day, and always wore long pants and hard top shoes! He said he liked the heat.

At night, we played games just about every night. We played celebrity, family feud, did puzzles and really got into One Tie, All Tie. Pool tables work very well as one tie tables, and the pockets make excellent cup holders.

One night, the whole family threw me a surprise party for graduation. Amy got me to go out to buy my graduation present (a Coach bag) and took me shopping at Polo and a few other stores for towels etc. It was nice. Then when I got back, everyone was waiting upstairs and yelled surprise. They had food with legal terms (like chocolate torte) and set up a tiki bar so that I could "pass the bar". It was very sweet.

Then we took our family picture out on the beach. Two nice girls took about 15 pictures. Too bad we can never get one where everyone is looking forward!

Then we took our possible Christmas card picture. Although I actually like the random family shot that we took in the house later in the week. Plus, notice the beer in my hand? Nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus like a Woodchuck!

My cousins and I always end up taking some kind of stupid picture. This one actually came out pretty nice.

One of the last nights, we decided to play beer pong. Unfortunately, someone had used all the Solo cups we bought for beer pong purposes. So we had to made do with plastic martini glasses, Elmo baby cups, a measuring cup, and some highball glasses. needless to say, beer pong did not last too long. Although my Mom and my Aunt Beth did play, which was hilarious!

Beach Trip with family -- good times!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Likes, Dislikes & Others of the past month or so


Sonic commercials. I know, they're cheesy, but that guy makes me laugh in almost every one.

This website. I love Scrubs (watch it basically every night and most of the time around 7 on Comedy Central too).

The Hillshire farms Go Meat commercial. It cracks me up!

The feel of fresh from the dryer clean sheets on newly shaven legs.

That I just saw a cardinal from my office window.

Reruns of America's next top model, but only the part where they do the photo shoots and show the pictures.

Dominic from SYTYCD.


When the people from So You Think You Can Dance hold up their fingers for the number they want you to call after the show. It bugs the crap out of me.

My Super Sweet Sixteen. Those people are bitches and should be slapped. A lot.

The Winnie The Pooh Friendship Addition commerical because it implies that Tigger is Pooh's best friend when everyone knows that it's Piglet.

The fact that both yellow jackets and paper (or mud) wasps have built nest under the eave of my front porch. It is not fun having to knock those down with a Swiffer. And those mud nests stick like nobody's buisness.


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