Friday, June 26, 2009


Texts 3

Here's 2 and here's what new:

Getting a drink with our other brother

She just compared that girl to a poodle

Dude, Nigel wants to bone her (she's 29 and married) Looks damn good for 29...hell I'd bone her. Not really.

Wrong number big shot [best part, it was the right one]

But he likes it and his name is grampa john

I have one too...might just make banana bread...u think that's ok?

It happens. Sams at the movies. Slits is at work. Jeff is in the army. You're miles away.

I would like #9 better is his shirt was closed - I deduct points for that

So instead I offer you alcohol -it really is your friend

Even if everything else is Blah at least there is so you think you can dance :)

MTV awards...actually the hills...guilty

Yuuumm love tuna

In the butt with a penis

Roger. Remain calm.

Lame, we're gonna drink

Oh yea, shes also wearing her wig

Group therapy gets discounts

Yea. I played "I get knocked down"

Ok I'm sorry. He would love you if you accepted jesus

So its I second that emotion, not secondhand emotion?

Chicago and briefly Indiana

Why don't you take a survey of the guys tomorrow and see which is more gay, then we will decide

Just passed your neighborhood - I waved to your mom

Bacon spinach mac & cheese all the way

Unbelievable...if that's not unwanted contact I do not know what is

Cat Cora's pissed

Jeffrey would like it. The judge, not brother

I'm going to Vegas

They took the body wash

Who sings "this is loving adelaide"? [actual song is this year's love by david grey]

I would squat

Shes' whats holding me back. Her and having to pee sitting down.

It still has girl parts but is scheduled to have them changed next week.

No I'll change it everytime I fly somewhere. My apt is ballin

I googled your name (no real reason for that) - why didn't you tell me you were the son of a famous surfer? I feel our friendship is based on a lie

Now I must find a way to enforce joy

Who the f takes ice cream sandwiches on car trips

whores are out at all hours

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Marky Mark

So the last 3 movies I've seen at home (2 from Netflix and 1 I bought) all starred Mark Wahlberg (your welcome and haha at the same time, love the Donnie reference).

I enjoyed all 3 movies: Shooter, 4 Brothers and The Departed (which I'd seen before). The biggest problem I had, is that thanks to a guy I went to high school with, all I could hear was, "Hey donkey, how ya doin'? Say hi to your mother for me". Thanks Billy!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009



Have you ever just wanted to smack someone in the face for no reason? I feel in a punchy kind of mood, maybe I will do some yoga.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Happy Graduation Bubba

The youngest member of the Top Shelf graduated this Friday. I didn't make it up there for it, but I sent moral support via good vibes. I am very happy for him, but I am sure my aunt is already starting to feel empty nest syndrome - especially since her 2 daughters are basically living with boys now! So congrats Bubba and hope you get in where you want to go.

The rest of the weekend was pretty usual - went out with some co-workers on Friday, went to lunch with a friend on Saturday, watched 2 Netflix movies and that was about it. I am about to go mend some hems so that I have clothes to wear next week. Hope everyone else had more fun this weekend than I did! Actually, it's not that I didn't have fun, I guess I just hope something exciting happened for y'all.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Busy week so far

Last night I had a dinner "meeting" at Elliott's. Very nice and places like that make me want to appreciate wine. I don't and I still think it tastes like drinking vinegar and instead I enjoyed the beautiful bouquet of diet Coke with my steak.

Tonight I had an appreciation dinner that made me feel guilty. I do some volunteer work with our local Teen Court and the rep took volunteers out for dinner. I got 2 "awards" and won a door prize. I felt guilty because while I did do everything he said I did, I don't feel like I did enough to merit an award, much less 2. We went to Russell's, which is a fish camp/pseudo-Golden Corral type place, so of course now I want to crawl in a hole. The hush puppies were worth it though.

Thursday night is a community watch dinner too. Wonder why I haven't gone shopping in a week. But, alas, I am out of cash for the week so I will have to find something to have for lunch tomorrow out of the random crap left in my fridge.

Monday, June 08, 2009


I ter us? No, uterus!

Sorry about all the gross girlie-part posts lately, but that's the most interesting thing going on with me, so too bad.

Today was the review of my ultrasound with my doctor. My uterine lining is not good. I have to go on a round of pills that will hopefully get everything out. Then I will have a follow up ultrasound and see if I have to have surgery.

See, not that gross.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Overheard and also pseudo-spoiler

I went to see Up this afternoon (very good and I second the comments from facebook friends when I say "Damn you Pixar!". I also highly recommend that you go see it). There was a family behind me, father and 2 sons, maybe 5 and 3. The 3 year old didn't say anything, his name was Matthew. Matthew's brother was a wee bit of a talker, but in a cute kid way, not an annoying kid way. We will call him MB.

*Here's the pseudo-spoiler* I say that because it really doesn't ruin the movie at all and come on, it's Disney. That's like "ruining" a Nicholas Sparks book by saying someone dies - duh.

Close to the beginning of the movie the wife passes away. And this is what I hear behind me:

MB - What happened to her?
Dad - She died.
MB - Why did she die?
Dad - Because she got very old and that happens to everyone.
MB - Am I going to die?
Dad - Not for a very very long time.

30 second pause.

MB - I don't want to die.
Dad - Don't worry about it. We'll talk about it when we get home.

30 second pause.

MB - Where's the popcorn?

Broke my heart I tell you. Until the popcorn bit.

Saturday, June 06, 2009



I spent today with a friend of mine. First we went to the Harness Track for breakfast - coffee and blueberry short stack for me. Then we went on the usual route of thrift stores - I got a business card holder and a book. Then we drove around for a little bit and went to a new store - super cute, but like many stores, a wee bit pricey for me. Then we went to Fried Green Tomatoes for lunch and shared fried pickles. Then we went to the SCC gardens and walked around. In the succulent garden (which is like a little Mexican village) we sat and talked for like 2 hours. I decided I want wedding pictures taken in the English garden near the gate that looks like it was in the secret garden. It was fun. Now I need a nap.

Monday, June 01, 2009


Caught off guard and also somewhat of an overshare

Ok, so I told you about the visit to my doctor a few weeks ago. What I didn't tell you was that part of the reason for making the appointment was that I had skipped my period for 3 months. Then, right after I made the appointment, I started again. And it last for 4 weeks. Not fun.

At the check up my doctor felt what was possibly a cyst on one of my ovaries. She said to monitor my start dates and let her know if I started again before June 5th, because if I did she wanted me to get an ultrasound. So, of course, last night I started cramping and bam, the damn thing is back already.

I called the doctor's office this morning to set up an appointment. The lady on the phone was like, how about noon (that's 3 hours away and I'm already at work). I guess you shouldn't turn things like that down, so I said ok. I was a bit freaked out because, as I am not regularly sleeping with someone, I didn't shave my legs this morning. And was wearing ugly underwear. Awesome.

So then I get there and the shaving part didn't really matter because you're pretty much covered up - um and I was wearing knee socks - it was a great look. BTW, it was odd getting changed because the tech was in the room. I'm behind a curtain, but still. Oh, and when my pants are halfway off, I hear, "Are you allergic to latex?". Always as good thing to hear when you're about to jump in the stirrups. So I'm up on the table and the tech whips out this thing and asks if I've ever had this done before. I say no, she tells me, this is the probe, we cover it with a condom and KY jelly and it only goes in this much (tiny little bit). It was a lie people. While I wasn't in extreme pain, it was definitely not the most comfortable way to spend a Monday morning.

I meet with the doctor next week to go over the results. The last thing I have to say is that a few baby wipes and a handful of Kleenex do not take care of that kind of mess. I have felt gross all day and am currently waiting for the lightning to stop so I can shower.

Ok, the real last thing I have to say is that while I am obviously somewhat ok with sharing some personal info, who puts up pictures of their pelvic ultrasounds? Apparently these people.

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