Thursday, November 25, 2010


I didn't even use my AK

I meant to write this post on Monday (which was a good day), but instead I am writing it now so I will include Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday was good day. Great weather, had somewhat of a plan. Got up early (for me), went to get a haircut (needed my bangs cut because I didn't cut them prior to Halloween). I had the same guy who cut my hair last time, who I liked, and had a coupon so the cut (including tip) was less than $10.

Then I went to the mall to pick up something my mom had ordered. I decided to go to Helzburg diamonds with this coupons we had gotten in the mail to get free earrings. I doubted they had any left, but I figured I'd give it shot. Turns out, they did have the earrings and it wasn't just 1 pair, but 3 pairs. Then I returned a whole bunch of stuff for my mom (and 1 thing of mine) with no problems.

Then I went to see Harry Potter 7 part 1 in the afternoon to avoid annoying kids. The theater was mostly empty and overall I really enjoyed the movie (more on that in another post). Then I went home and cooked dinner with my mom and we watched the finale of Dancing with the Stars and I voted for Kyle.

Tuesday I woke up at 4 am, tried to go back to sleep and ended up getting up at 5:30. I got dressed etc. and rode MARTA to the airport. I was expecting heavy traffic there so I left much earlier than my 9:30 flight just in case. I barely had to wait at all in security - 5 people in front of me in my line. Landed in BWI on time with no problems. My grandma was dropped off right in front of the airport and there was nobody in the Delta line at all, so we went right up and got her a wheelchair. We zipped through security (her bag got searched because she had some face wipes in there and the scanner couldn't read them) and got on that plane on time too. We were about 10 minutes late landing that one. Then we got on MARTA and got home 5 minutes before my sister did.

Side note - my dog is part camel. I let her out at 6:15 am and when I got home at 6:20 pm, I was informed by my mother that she had not gone out at all that day. I asked why and my mom said she forgot the dog was there because she didn't make any noise and never came to get her.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am blessed to have both my sister and grandmother (and mom) all together for a few days. Even though they occasionally get on my nerves, these are probably my 3 favorite women in the world (cousins and a few friends are close to the top too) and I love them with all my heart.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Why I shouldn't blog at night

I have weird thoughts at night. I don't know if it's because I'm tired or what. Usually I forget these things, almost like dreams, but the other day I jotted down a reminder because I wonder...

Do you think the reason gangsters used to wear their pants with one leg rolled up is because a leader used to wear those pants with the zip off leg at the knee and one day he lost one of the bottom parts at the gym or the laundromat or something, but really liked the pants so he just kept wearing them and dared one of his minions to say something?

Or do you think maybe it was a girl who started the trend because she was shaving her legs one day and ran out of shaving cream after finishing one leg, so she didn't do the other and then it was hot the next day but she didn't want to show her leg hair?**

**Second scenario semi-based on true life: the other day I shaved one leg and not the other. It was pretty bad. Squirrels and deer and other woodland creatures had to move to the non-shaved forest leg. But luckily that only lasted 2 was nice enough today to wear shorts.


Fly Away Home

I was reading Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner (hee hee, weiner) the other day and I came across a passage that really hit me because I feel it describes me.

"She could admit, if only to herself, that she was bright but not terribly ambitious; that she lacked a certain something, aggression or tenacity or even just desire, that magical quality that would have lifted her from good to great."

I know I'm not stupid. I know I have some creativity. I know I am not diseased or broken. I am thankful for all of that. But at the same time, I've never been really good at anything. I'm good at lots of stuff (especially drinking diet coke and playing stupid board games). And I think it's more than I never really had a passion for something, rather than the not being great at something, that's always bothered me. I wish I knew what I wanted to be, who I want to be. I think that lack of passion is a big factor in why I am still looking for a job; I have no direction.

I feel like I'm at a crossroads, with tons of different paths to chose from and no desire to move at all. So I'm turning in a circle in the middle and getting glimpses of what could be, but never really making a move.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Eyes Wide Shut

I don't think I wrote about this, but maybe I have and have just lost my mind. Oh well.

My mom called me a few months ago and asked if I sleep with my eyes opens. Apparently she had visited her eye doctor and he said that based on discolorations or something, he could tell that she didn't shut her eyes all the way when she slept. So now she has this gel stuff she puts under her eyes so they won't get dried out.

My brother is a known eye open sleeper. It's actually quite creepy. His can be almost halfway open at times. My dog's do that too sometimes but hers also wiggle around if she's dreaming which is double creepy.

I've never been told that I do that, but in the past few weeks, I've been noticing that my eyes aren't totally closed as I'm falling asleep. It's because if I squeeze them, or shut them more, it will get darker. So now I am paranoid that I am a creepy eye sleeper. Or am I just delusional before I go to bed and just think my eyes are open? Or are they open because I am thinking they are, but really they would be shut?

Conclusion: I need a sleeping mask.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010



Kind of complicated story, but I will shorten it. You all know I moved from NC to GA at the beginning of October. You know my brother is stationed in Korea, that a portion of my family lives in Raleigh and that others live in DE.
So. My cousin loves Halloween and wanted to host a big party at her some-what new (they've lived there a year now) house. She had invitations made and sent them to lots of people. Based on my living situation and lack of money situation, I had decided not to go. Same with my other cousin who lives in Memphis. Memphis cousin sort of got roped into going as a surprise for my DE cousin.

(Cupcakes made by Meghan)

Then, my brother and his boss scheduled a trip to DC for a conference the week before Halloween and he was able to take leave after the conference. So my mom and I decided to go to Raleigh and hang out with him since we have limited time to see him. My sister, meanwhile, would only be in Raleigh for a few days because she was leaving to go to a meeting in Berlin for 5 days - bitch.

So then, my DE cousin's parents decided to come down and see my brother/go to a football game and asked if I would ride back to DE with them to also surprise my cousin. That way I would only need a 1 way ticket back to GA.

I will tell you about the visit with my brother in another post - mainly b/c I need the pictures from my mother's camera, but I wanted to give you the background on why I was in DE for Halloween.

So my cousin, her husband and their friends decided to go as Wilma and Fred Flintstone and the Rubbles. We thought about going as Pebbles and Bam Bam until we looked at Bam Bam's outfit and decided against it. So then we got together with DE cousin's family and decided to be the Jetsons. My aunt was Rosie the maid. Her head is a carboard box covered in tin foil with pipe cleaners and pompoms. We made her neckpiece, hat and apron from left over felt. My uncle was Elroy and his son was George. My Memphis cousin was Judy and cut up an old bridesmaid dress. I was Jane and my top skirt was a quilting hoop and Christmas wreath covered in fabric with elastic suspenders.

We made an entrance to the Jetson's theme song and came in in order and surprised DE cousin. It was fun. Then we proceeded to have some drinks, play water pong and my new favorite Wii game - Just Dance.

(My cousin as Cindy Lou Hoo from The Grinch, me, DE cousin as Wilma, Memphis cousin, another cousin as a pirate. We are missing 3 girls - my sister who was in Berlin, one who didn't come, and one who was late but was dressed as a cupcake)

A bunch of my family was able to come and I think we all had a good time - I know I did.

(2 boyfriends as Gingy from Shrek and a hand-made pinata)

I was able to stay for the next couple of days and we played lots of Buzz mega quiz and Just Dance. I also scanned a few more pictures that we found at my grandfather's house and we shredded/burned 50 years of his old taxes and crap.

Sometimes I wish I was closer to my family (distance wise), and then I wonder if it's better that I only get to see them a few times a year because it makes it more special. Either way - great people!

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