Sunday, March 26, 2006


Listening to

I have discovered Josh Turner. And if he wasn't married to an adorable lady I would so marry him. He is still in my hotel. "She'll Go On You" made me cry. I guess that's not too hard, sappy country songs often make me tear up, still great song. "Good Woman Bad", "Your Man" and "In My Dreams" are all great too.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Family Weekend

My mom came to visit this weekend as it was Family Weekend at school. Yes, I am 26 and my mommy came to my law school Family Weekend.

On Friday we went to a dinner. It was alright as a bunch of my friends went too. We went down to the bar and came back upstairs with drinks. Of course the first person I see when I stepped off the escalator with a T&T in my hand was the dean... of my baptist school. Whoops. I got over that right quick. The dinner was the exact same as the previous year, down to the chocolate cake for dessert. It wasn't bad, just boring. The highlight of the night for me was when the vice-president of the class announced that the student of the year was the president of the class. Normally that would be ok, except for the fact that this president "lost" (read: threw out) my nomination and at least one other girl's nomination so we weren't on the ballot, the ballot that she created had her name first and when called on it said she put them alphabetical by first name (which she didn't), and that she was the one who counted the votes. I'll bet she was shocked that she won.

On Saturday we were planning on attending family day at the school. There is normally a small breakfast, a boring speaker, class room demonstrations and lunch. Lunch was the only part I was looking forward to. When we got there nobody was there. I asked my mom why she wanted to sit through that again and she said she enjoyed the demonstrations. I told her to just fly up one week and go to class with me. So we went to Cracker Barrel instead and bought some of these. And ran into some other students who skipped family day. My sister called while we were browsing cards and all I heard was my mom yell, "No frigging way!" in the middle of the store. Apparently my sister's roommate got tickets to Greensboro to watch the Duke game, which we watched at my house.

That night we went to Raleigh and visited 2 of my aunts and 2 of my cousins. Very fun. Then we had dinner with Jeff, Matt and Sam, which was also very fun. Most times I have fun with I am with those boys. Sometimes I want to smack them though. Then we went to the Cardinal Club for a silent auction and walked out with $70 worth of stuff. I did get a good deal on a bath gel set and my mom won a vase. My mom's favorite part of the whole trip was when my friend Becky told her that her husband said my mom looked like a trophy wife. My mom now wants to adopt him.

All-in-all it was a fun weekend. Nobody in my family got into any fights, there was a lot of laughing and a lot of buying stuff, which is always fun. Next year we're skipping family day again, unless I have to plan it or something.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Book Fair

Tonight I went with a friend of mine to her son's elementary school book fair/spaghetti dinner. It brought back a flood of memories. We currently live in a really small town. Everyone at the school knew everyone else. All the families sat a 4 long tables and we ate spaghetti and Olive Garden salad from Styrofoam cartons. It was great.

I grew up in small town Connecticut (yes, I realize I could have left the "small town" out and it would have meant the same thing, but I lived in one of the only neighborhoods and it had less than 30 houses- that kind of small town) from second grade until 8th grade. I went to Dean's Mill and Mystic Middle. The school I was at tonight reminded me so much of Dean's Mill.

The Book Fair was a highlight of elementary school. We always got to pick out some books, and that was where I stocked up on MadLibs, which I am happy to say are still available at the book fair - although it was Fear Factor MadLibs. There were all kinds of new books that I had never heard of, as I don't have a kid, but there were also some books that I remembered reading - Island of the Blue Dolphin, Number the Stars. One strange thing was a re-vamped Baby Sitters' Club book. It's a freaking comic book now! I think the Book Fair helped develop my love of books. There is a specific smell that I don't know how to describe and a certain joy that always comes to me when I see books like that. I'm glad they still have these.

My mom was highly active in the PTA, especially once I had moved to middle school. She was one of the main organizers for our Spring Fair. It was mega cheesy, almost cliche from an 80s movie. There was a cake walk, a fishing pond (which was our Tommy the Turtle, which my sister once peed in, not at the fair), a moonwalk and various other carnival games. There was a silent auction and field day events. Because my mom was in charge, we got all the prizes delivered to our house. We always had a supply of left overs too- crayons and crappy jewelry, cowboy hats and paint sets.

Although I don't think I could stay in this small of a town, and while sometimes it sucked, I never really appreciated what I got growing up in a small town. We were safe. People knew each other. We had pick-up games and play night hide-and-seek. That doesn't happen in cities. So thanks MMS and DMES for being exactly what you were.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Look alikes

As I was watching the Duke/BC game today, I couldn't help noticing that Sheldon Williams looks a little bit like Voldemort. Yes, I know that's kind of mean, but as I was searching for a good shot of Williams, this picture came up. You've got to admit that a) it's mean (especially meaner than me) and b) it's hilarious.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Sometimes having a vagina comes in handy

I enjoy being a girl for a variety of reasons. I could do without the cramps and cost of tampons, and I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to try out a penis for a few days (totally jealous about being able to pee in the woods without squatting), but I'm not looking to get a winkie.

Sometimes though being a girl isn't a good thing. Like the one time I went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and they told me I needed to get my fuel injections cleaned out. I didn't, but when I took it to my usual place for a tune-up, they informed me that not only did my fuel injectors not need to be cleaned, but my car in fact doesn't have fuel injectors.

I wouldn't consider myself a girly girl, but there are a few stereotypical "girl" things that I'm guilty of. Lack of knowledge about cars is one of them. When I buy a car, I look at the color, the seating arrangement, the amount of compartment space and cup holders. I know very little about how an engine works. I call most SUVs Jeeps and can't identify most cars to save my life. When people are like, "Did you see that Blah Blah X234?" I'm like, "the blue one?" I've tried to learn some things, I know the penny test for tires and can actually change them myself (although I never have; I did read the manual to a police officer once while he was changing it). I know where all the tools are. I know how to put a review mirror back on. I can replace my headlights (teehee). I have been in a Napa, an Advanced Auto Parts and the automotive section of Walmart. I can jump a car although it scares the bejesus out of me (did you know you can set the car ON FIRE?). I watch American Chopper. But I can't tell you about horsepower, or belts or anything. And I'm pretty sure it's not because I'm dumb. It just doesn't interest me. I'm sure I could learn how to change my oil, but it's not worth to me to save $20.

On to the actual point. So this week I've been having a lot of car issues. Yesterday I went to the Ford dealer to order a new turn signal. $140. Not including installation. Now this isn't even the real turn signal, it's not a safety light, it's the light that comes on to show you where you're turning. I have been driving without it for 2 years and haven't hit anything nor have I been stopped for it. Stupid car inspection. I did however change a brake light all by myself with a step ladder and a Phillips head. Go me! This is where the vagina came in handy- not as a storage space for screws or anything, but the Ford guy didn't charge me today for installation. True, he might not have charged anyone, but I think it didn't hurt that I look about 12 and am obviously clueless about cars. Plus, I live in a small Southern Baptist town where taking advantage of girls is a short cut to hell. The guy at the inspection place also gave me a slight discount and cleaned off my windshield and reminded me of the ticket price for late inspection ($250).

I've only been pulled for speeding twice, and once the cop was a girl and the other time I actually cried (because I was on my home from my grandpa's funeral and had to take a physics test in the morning and it was the day before my birthday and the jackass cop told me to renew my license tomorrow), but I've never gotten away with "being a girl". I did get only a warning once for having a broken taillight, but they do that to everyone.

I'm not saying that I always enjoy being treated like I don't know what's going on, or having people talk over my head. But sometimes it's useful - you can take advantage of the people who think they're taking advantage of you, or you can roll with it. All I know is that being a girl saved me about $40 today, and I'm all good with that.


5 thumbs all ehh

This week was spring break. I have not watched a movie in a theater or a rental since Christmas. I don't like to go to movies alone and my brother, "doesn't do movies" and my sister is 90 minutes away and doesn't have a car. Fate didn't think that was good for my upkeep of random stuff so I got coupons for movie rentals in the mail on Monday. I watched 5 movies (not including random ones on TV) over the last 4 days. Here's what I thought:

1-Goblet of Fire. It was ok. I thought it went a little too fast in the beginning- just breezed through everything. Now I know stuff needed to be cut out- and thank god the stupid elves, or whatever Dobby was, are gone- but if they were going to not focus on anything, they just should have skipped right to the school or something. Krum looked alright though and the first 2 events of the tourney were good. Voldemort was awesome- the make-up, the voice, it was exactly as it should have been. The new Dumbledor is just not as good- sorry dude. Looks-wise it's forgivable, but the voice is all wrong. Work on the accent bub.

I didn't like the last tri-wizard event though. I couldn't see anything and it sounded mildly like porno. This brings me to another point- why are movies so dark- literally? Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and LOTR are the worst, but there are a bunch of others too. The backgrounds are so dark that I have to squint to see what's going on. I get "drama" or whatever, but come on! Lighten it up. This happened tonight on the OC too- when Ryan and that new chick were driving there was a 5 minute period where I couldn't see either of their faces. If people wanted to listen to stories without seeing stuff we'd still be listening to Little Orphan Annie on the radio.

2- Prime. It was ok. I actually didn't care for the ending. I don't think I wanted it to be cliche, but something was just eh- like they didn't know how to end it so it just stopped. But JAKE is hot. I told KT that she had to watch it just for the shirtless JAKE scenes. As should all girls who like hot boys- cause damn.

3- Elizabethtown. Eh. Not that great. I really liked the scenes when my future husband and Kirsten were talking on the phone and I especially liked the memorial service. But really, who puts together a road trip like that with polaroids etc. and 40 hours of music in a few days. That was borderline psychotic. The best part once again is the hotness. Orlando gives me the feelings. I had that as an away message and my sister said it was creepy. Oh well.

4- Bad News Bears. The one with Billy Bob not Walter. Some movies shouldn't be remade. At least until they're really 'out". Like Oceans 11. Not many people from my generations remember that movie. Plus they changed some parts and updated it. BNB was basically like they reread the old script. Some good additions: the kid in the wheelchair... and that's about it. There were a few funny lines, but nothing memorable. The new Kelly Leek just wasn't hard core enough- in the first one when Kelly (warning- yikes!) talks to the older lady and is like, "I got a motorcycle. A Harley Davidson. Does that turn you on?" it's awesome. When this schmo asks the Hooters waitress if she has a boyfriend, nothing. The worst addition is the "new" Tanner. No comparison at all. Basically all I have to say is that sometimes old school is better and this was one of those times.

5- Wedding Crashers. I had heard both good and bad reviews about this movie. Some parts were downright hysterical. And I love both Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. So I think this was my favorite of the 5. Some parts were a little boring and it wasn't as good as Dodgeball, but I still laughed out loud more than once which makes it good in my book. The Rules were pretty funny, as were the back stories. I liked the bets during the wedding too. Mainly I just like the two guys.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


A got a lighthouse

My car registration was supposed to be renewed in January- oops. I was still in transition from MD to NC. I knew I didn't want to move back to MD, but somehow switching my plates and getting a new license made it more permanent. Like I really need to get a job now or I'm screwed. It was definitely worse trading my GA license for MD, but still, my MD license had a crab on it. And the picture didn't suck too bad.

They made me take a written exam where I used a pencil to bubble in stuff- no electronic tests in Lillington. It was harder than I thought it would be, but luckily I had some warning; apparently some of my classmates failed theirs last year. Yes, law students failed the written driving test. NC asks a lot of specific questions.

I missed 1 - if you're going 45 mph, how far in advance must you put on your turn signal?
a- 50 ft
b- 150 ft
c- 500ft

If you said anything other than c you're wrong. I said a because damn, 500 ft is a long way off. Luckily I passed my vision test, that was the only thing I was seriously worried about failing. I need an adjustment to my lasic.

Then I got to choose a background for my license. NC gives you 4 options- the state of NC, the state seal, a lighthouse and the Wright brother's plane. I picked the lighthouse. The only problem with the NC license is that they put a giant picture of your head. Like mega close-up. I think that is unnecessary.

Then I had to go to another building "in town" to get my car registered. One of the bad things about living in a small town is that you have to pay in cash or check. One of the nice things is that there was no line and it took about 15 minutes to get the registration. The nice lady even let me leave to go to the CVS to get $5 to pay her notary charge. And she gave me candy. It took half a day in MD.

Now I need to get a tail light and a turn signal replaced within 30 days and I will officially be an NC resident with everything done.

Thursday, March 02, 2006



Today I checked an account that I hardly ever use. Mainly it's intended for spam, like when you have to sign up for stuff or send this to 5 people and get $5 type thing. I have over 1200 in my bulk folder and over 150 in my regular mail folder. I hadn't checked in a month, but that's still a pretty large amount of what boils down to porn spam. I am intrigued by some of the creative subject lines or names. Here's some of the good ones from my inbox- I couldn't browse through 1200 emails just for good porn names:

Hiatus E. Suction
Tacitness H. Clarinetists
Yakutsk A. Characterized
Consensual H. Redeemable
Jocelyn Baker

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