Thursday, May 29, 2008


What I Did Today

Worked. Got a compliment from a random person saying that he liked me because I was nice to him. Got annoyed.

Layla got a haircut and is now nakee and adorable. While she was at PetSmart, I went to Ross and bought 4 shirts for $40, then perused bed, Bath & Beyond. Then I had dinner at Panera - half turkey sandwich (which was disappointing because I made a better one myself earlier in the week with avocado slices - they were out) & summer corn chowder (tasty). I ate & read a book so I could save gas - although it cost more for me to eat there than gas would have been. Oh well.

Once we got home I organized my Ipod and am still currently downloading stuff. It's taken a little over 2 hours for me to decide what I want on there & then update all the information. But now it's nice 7 pretty.

I still must finish packing for camping this weekend. I have half a bag packed. Because Monday was a holiday, my week has been all confused. I know that today is Thursday, but it doesn't feel like it. So I guess tomorrow after I get home I'll be all rushed so that I can go to Raleigh & see my cousin & brother so that we can load up the car & go shopping.

Ok, that's all I did today. I will write about camping once I get home and hopefully I will have pictures too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Tuesday Bluesday

I think I am getting a cold. I really want it to go away before our camping trip this weekend. My left nostril is completely blocked - unless I roll over and it drains to the right one. But when I stand up it goes straight back to the left one. Plus my ears are popping more than normal.

On a totally unrelated note, Layla has been sleeping in my closet lately. I can't figure out why. One guess is that it's hot in my house and I don't want to turn the air on yet and the closet is one of the few places that has hard wood floor with no rug so it's cooler. Another guess is that it's like a cave and dogs like being closed in - that's why they sleep in cages when they're little. Another is that she's a freak. But she slept in my closet a bunch in my old apartment too. The return to the closet is recent here though and there hasn't been any kind of change in circumstance other than the weather.

On another totally unrelated note, I downloaded Julianne Hough's CD and I really like it. That girl has the freaking life I tell you.

On my last unrelated note, my friend Becks & I had brunch on Saturday at the Cary Cafe. It was really nice. A cute place with good food. I had pancakes with fresh peach syrup and coffee. Yum.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm Back!

So it only took a year, but I have finally fixed my laptop (the desktop still needs a fan - at least I hope that's all it needs). I thought that my laptop hada virus, but apparently the entire hard drive was jacked, so I had it replaced. It was cheaper than a new computer.

So, yea. Sorry.

Here's what's been going on since November:

I've been working. A lot. It's fun and I love it and it's crazy and exciting and I'm constantly learning new stuff. I love my co-workers. And that's about all I can say about it.

I haven't talked to some of my friends in days, some in weeks, others in months & I am very sorry about that. I need updates from all of you. Thankfully T-Dawg has been emailing blog posts as I can't read them at work from the actual sites. I hope everyone is doing well.

I've been playing a lot of Rock Band with the family. I need to get a PS3 so I can download, but I don't feel like paying for one. We even got my mom to play. It's awesome watching her play the drums. She's also doing ballroom dancing & starting to compete. Her best friend died a few weeks ago from some sort of heart murmur. She wasn't even 50 yet. They'd been friends since before the Roll was alive. It was sad & scary.

Watching the usual amount of TV & reading a whole bunch. Layla is doing well. Jeff got her a UGA jersey for Christmas & we're looking forward to the upcoming season. She wore it during the bowl game.

There is so much I missed saying, but I can't remember enough of the details to really attempt to write about it now, so I'll just tell you about the last 2 weeks.

Last weekend was the Roll's 22nd b-day. We got together in Raleigh, met up with a fellow Chattahoochee grad Billy (he helped save Jeff's life) & saw Ironman, went to dinner at Carolina Ale House. Then we played a little Rock Band, got Matt, met up with Bam & went to 2 bars - Lucky 13 & Stool Pidgeons. Twas fun. I am glad I went since Roll headed for Atlanta yesterday and then will be off to Orlando to start her new job within a week or so.

My brother and sister graduated on Mothers' Day weekend (2 weekends ago). Jeff graudated on Saturday from NC State & Roll graduated on Sunday from Duke. A bunch of family from both sides came to NC and we had lots of fun.

Friday night we had a bbq/keg party at Duke with 7 of Roll's friends & their families. All the girls were in the same sororiety & have been friends since freshman year. Saturday was Jeff's graduation & at his small one they let everyone give a little speech & introduce their families. Saturday night we rented a room at Michael Dean's & had another party. My mom & I put together some slide shows/game shows about my siblings & we made my mom do a shot & gave her a house divided birdhouse.

That night the cousins went to beer truck at Duke. Basically the school pays for Miller Light to bring in a bunch of kegs & give everyone free beer. It was fun. My sister is an insane dancer. And I don't mean she's that good; I mean she looks like she escaped from an institution.

Sunday my grandma about died from the cold as she sat in the rain to watch Roll graduate, her "small" one had 250 people, but we could see her walk across. Then we had dinner at 1705 Prime & my grandma got a little tipsy.

I am so proud of both my siblings, but I am really sad that they are leaving. I've had the luxury to be friends with them and be within an hour or so for the last 4 years. I will miss them to an unexplainable degree. But, hopefully we'll all be close again soon.

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