Wednesday, February 28, 2007



My spring break basically starts today (with the exception that I have to teach a middle school class tomorrow morning). I am going to DC with my women in law group from Monday until Wednesday. It should be fun.

I was planning on meeting my DC peeps for dinner here, because they have the best margaritas ever. But they are closed! Which I found out today - so sadness. Now we have to find somewhere else. Boo.

I need a haircut. Layla is getting hers done on Saturday. I might too. But not at PetSmart.

* The "here" is Red Sage, sorry I didn't post the link before.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


The OC

I cried. I admit it.

What else is new. TV recap: Meredith Grey is an idiot. Wildfire is awesome but's replays aren't good. Iron Chef tonight is on peanut butter (I had some of the recalled Peter Pan in my cabinet and actually ate it but didn't die so I guess I can't get in the class action). The Oprah special was good except for Oprah. Tyra Banks is crazy (in case you didn't know).

I hate T-Dawg's friend Lea because a guy who loves her (whom she started dating in October...of 2006) proposed the Monday before Valentine's day with a 2.5 carat diamond and then took her to a jewelry store to pick her setting. Yea, now you hate her too.

I have a lot of work to do, but instead I am looking up songs that are about or were inspired by Abraham Lincoln. There is one that goes along to the Brady Bunch theme, but my computer blocked it.

I have eaten crap all weekend. I have also found lemon poppy seed scones. I would totally test positive for opiates if I took a pee test right now. Yum poppy seeds.

Cherry Coke Zero kicks ass.

I have to find cases relating to admission of blood alcohol levels and all the cases I can find are criminal cases and I've got a civil suit. Luckily rules of evidence apply the same to both (usually).

I am teaching a class for middle school kids on criminal law. I go Thursday but I don't even have a lesson plan yet. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 22, 2007



I love how this is a one piece suit.


Global warming does sneaking out the back

It's sad when the best part of an event is sneaking out the backdoor. Last night I went to a banquet for a Judge. It was boring as crap. So I, along with my friend and her son, snuck out a back exit near the craft services and ran across the grass so that nobody would see us. Then we went to Wendy's. I say we did out job because we put in an appearance, shook some hands etc. but got out before the boring speech. And I made it home in time for One Tree Hill. Peyton is a bitch btw. And Luke's hair is awful.

I am writing a paper about enhanced felony sentencing for one of my classes, which brings up a different class that I had this week. Police officers and defense attorneys came to the class to talk about stuff. I asked if any of them had ever had a case that made them want to quit and if so how they overcame that feeling. One of the LEOs said that the worst case he had ever had was a fight between 2 roommates. He said when he walked into the house, the dead roommate's head was sitting on the coffee table. The live one cut off the other's one's head with a butcher knife, stabbed him 120 times, cut out his heart and stomped on it, then turned himself into some off-duty officers. He got 12 years in jail. The officer said it was hard to see that because of all the horrible stuff that he did, he only got 12 years because it was 2nd degree. But he said all that made him want to do was work harder to improve the system.

On a totally different note - global warming rocks. It is February 22nd and it's 70 degrees outside and sunny. Dandelions are in my year. I am wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops. It's awesome. Although we're supposed to get a cold front soon. I have not worn a coat all year! Woo!

Sunday, February 18, 2007



This was a fairly good weekend. I was very stressed on Friday because I have been working on this appeal and it's been a pain in the butt. My trial 2 weeks ago was against 2 of my good friends. It has been frustrating to do that because, while I have always tried to be fair and on the up-and-up, I feel like one of them has been playing me. It started during discovery when I would get calls purporting to be about hanging out or whatever and then get questions about how I was planning on doing something during the trial etc. Then during a pre-trial conference, when I stood my ground I was called an asshole. The trail itself was ok and I thought everything would be fine. But then when I started this appeal it's happening again - the whole "I hope you're not mad at me but..." and then when I explain getting yelled at. It's hard to always feel like you're doing the best you can and that you're being used by people you trust.

So anyways, as I was in a pissy mood and my friends were kinda acting like butts, but in a way where I really couldn't be mad at them and just needed to vent, I rented Barnyard and Open Season. I was made fun of for renting kids movies, but as I do not have a kid, and will not be the creepy single person in a children's movie, I rent them. Because kids movies are normally awesome. Barnyard was great. Open Season was ok, but I didn't watch it a second time. Then I finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird for a class. I was glad we were assigned that book, because I read it in like 8th grade and didn't like it. I think I didn't have enough perspective or something, but the second read was much better.

Then on Saturday I was bored and still a little pissed/lonely/sad so I called my brother to see what he was doing. He asked me to go bowling so he, Matt and I played 4 games. I bowled over 100 on each game! That is probably not impressive to most, but for me it's freaking great. Plus, anytime you can play a sport and drink during it, it's extra awesome. Then we went to CiCi's. I had actually never been before so it was a new experience. The chocolate pizza is the bomb. But their salad bar is not good - I was burping lettuce for the next 4 hours.

Then we watched 1 v 100 on TiVo and then we watched The Departed, which is what I was trying to rent on Friday but was sold out leading to the rentals of kids' movies. It was really good- I was not expecting the ending. Alec Baldwin, someone whom I normally don't care for, was awesome. I think his character should have been nominated instead of some of the other people. Marky Mark was good too and one of my future husbands Matt Damon and Leo. The best part was that Jeff thought that Matt Damon and Leo were the same character for the first 45 minutes of the movie. He paused it at one point (well he actually dropped the remote and rewound it so we had to fix it) and asked which person was which character.

On the way home I got pulled for having a head light out. Luckily the officer was nice and didn't give me ticket (nor did he give me one for speeding - which I was, but only by like 7 miles). But it still freaked me out. I have bulbs and will try to fix it tonight. Hopefully I will not break anything.

So all-in-all it was a good weekend. I laughed, bowled, drank, watched a lot of movies, cleaned the kitchen and did 3 loads of laundry. Plus reorganized my school folders and wrote a paper. Not bad.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007



I made cookies today for a Valentine's Day bake sale. These cookies. They look good, but sadly they do not taste good. And I don't think it's because I did anything wrong. The just aren't good. Very plain tasting.

So I also made chocolate crinkles. Which do taste good. Making all those cookies led me to think about my dad. He hates bake sales. He thinks they are stupid because you spend an assload of time and money making stuff that you sell for a quarter. I tend to think he's right most of the time. I spend probably about $15 making both batches of cookies and we might break even on that. His point was that you should just donate the $15 and then use your time doing something better.

On a different note, I missed Wildfire last night b/c my VCR is stupid and recorded what was on my DVD player - or, probably more accurately, I am stupid and set the cords up wrong. I'm still pissed about it though.

Ok, I have to work on a fake bond hearing now.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Umm Yeah

Have you ever had a day that you wish you could just start over? I went through a class and a half before I noticed that I was not wearing a bra. One would ask, how could you do that? I would answer, I have no freaking idea. It's gonna be one of those days. Especially as I have a meeting with a professor and don't have time to run home and throw on a bra. This should be fun. Luckily I have a sweatshirt that hides them. I will also have to hold books or something in front of me. I haven't forgotten to wear a bra since my sophomore year in college when I woke up with a hangover and needed to get to class in 5 minutes. Let's just hope it's not one of those weekends.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Early morning

This was a fun weekend. Katie and Brian stayed at my house on Friday night and we went out for Mexican. It was nice getting to see them and I hope they have fun on their cruise. Another good thing about their visit was that I was forced to at least minimally clean my house, including the refrigerator because Katie likes to look in people's fridges and cabinets and stuff.

Becky and I saw Because I Said So on Saturday. It was pretty good. Very much like the last Diane Keaton movie Something's Gotta Give. I thought it'd be a little funnier, but it was still good.

Layla has scratched the area around one of her eyes which had me looking up to see if dogs can get pink eye. Apparently they can. I really hope she doesn't have that, but as her eye isn't goopy, I'm guessing she doesn't. Hopefully she will stop scratching it and it will heal up without having to go to the vet because I can't really afford to do that right now.

I have also rediscovered the fact that I am not a morning person. I had an early class today and got up an hour earlier than normal, which is not early by a lot of standards. I have been sluggish all day and can't wait to take a nap, although as I won't be getting home until 6:30 or so, it's probably not a good idea.

I have no idea why that reminded me of this, but I need to make copies of some forms. That (the one thing having a random connect to another) my friends, means I am becoming my mother.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Happy Birthday Mama!

Today is my mommy's birthday so shout out to her.

Also, I have my trial for school today. I have 2 goals: 1) don't look like an idiot and 2) try to win so I don't have to write an appeal and do the record. I'll be happy if I can pull off the first. Although the point of the class is to get us to see what it'll be like once we start practice, in reality, I don't care. Top Chef finale was on last night, it was more important than my closing for a fake client. snowed. Layla had fun this morning walking across the deck and trying to figure out what was following her a la Pooh and Piglet tracking a Hefalump.

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