Friday, July 22, 2005



While I was in Corolla with my family, my cousins Ann & Sara and I went to Port O Call to see my friends play. They played an excellent show, and I'm not just saying that because I was on the guest list and they bought me a beer. If you live in DC or VA, go check them out. If you're going to be anywhere near where they're playing you should see them- they're fun, they do shots onstage, they play great songs, they do not play Jessie's Girl, they're hot.

I wish I had any sort of musical talent other than knowing the words to a lot of 80s songs. I played flute, piano and keyboard in various grades in elementary and middle school, but they could never hold my attention. But guys with guitars are hot- especially if they're wearing sunglasses or leather pants. Then I don't have a choice but to try and jump them, it's biological. I just wish some family members, who will remain nameless, wouldn't have been bitches, and also that the drinks were cheaper so that Ann and Sara could have kicked back a few more. They still liked the show, but, other than driving and roller coasters, what's not better with alcohol?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005



I have sunburned legs. They hurt. When they first got burnt I had to apply aloe every hour and it was hard to put pressure on them, thus walking up stairs took 3 times longer than usual. It's been almost a week and they're still bright red. I have switched to lotion and that seems to be working ok. I can walk normally now, but sleeping on my stomach is still out of the question.
Another thing that sucks is that I can't shave my legs. My leg hair is starting rival Pete Sampras'. It's spiky which means it hit my pant legs and thus causes more pain to the already hurting legs. Today when I got home, I put on lose fitting pj pants. That means I am currently in the highest state of fashion since I am sporting red and green plaid pants and a blue, white and maroon striped shirt. I'm classy like that. Stupid sun. Stupid legs. Stupid sunscreen that doesn't last 10 hours.

Update*- the burn has turned to small little blisters which means it's about ready to peel. Which means that I can shave in about 2 days! Wohoo!

Monday, July 18, 2005


Outer Banks

I was at the beach last week with my family. Every year almost all of us get together in the Outer Banks. We rent a big house and spend the week playing board games, outdoor sports and hanging at the beach. This is us. Why they decided to take the family picture when we had just gotten out of the water I'll never know. This year we stayed at Beach Dreams in Corolla. They had a volleyball court in the backyard, but it was a combo of grass and sand and created some danger zones for ankles. It was still fun.

The boys played some horseshoes the first day before we even got in the house. You're supposed to wait for the cleaning crew, but the crew was late and we white trashed it up by setting up lawn chairs & drinking in the driveway.

The Hackmans loves us some Uno. Stacey got Uno Attack for Christmas and we played a large game. It's pretty fun when it spits cards out at you. Stacey apparently had it out for Jed.

The boys played alot of cards at night. They invented a few new games including snake and 6 pack. They get pretty creative when they're drunk. Unless they're quoting Monty Python or Blazing Saddles, in which case they're just silly.

Aunt Nan and Jessica made some weird Jello dessert. Jessica has diabetes so we tried to make most stuff sugar free.

Ann bought a Jeep the week before. So we decided to drive on the beach at the point. We almost got stuck, but pulled out of it. Some nice people waited until we got out to drive away. Thanks white truck people. Ann decided her favorite part of owning a Jeep was driving through puddles.

Overall my family is crazy and loud and fun and full of love. They're the bestest.

Friday, July 08, 2005



This is from my cousin Sara's 21st b-day. We went to ECU to say hi. Our pseudo cousin Danny and his friends are geniuses or alcoholics, either way they had too much time on their hands, and made a CD for power hour. There were 60 songs or TV clips or comedy bits, each 1 minute long. Every time the song changed, we took a shot of bud light. This event was heightened by my family's need to multitask at all possible times. This meant that we simultaneously played Scategories. The loser each round had to take an extra shot of Bud light. The cans are from the first 15 minutes of power hour.

When Sara got home from work, she caught up and then we attempted to take a timed picture. This did not go so well, see picture. Holly tried to take pictures for awhile and finally gave up. When I got home the next day I found the reason she was having so many problems was because she the camera on movie mode. There was about 20 minutes of Ann and me motioning for her to damn the damn picture already and of Holly looking at the camera and moving it around to see why it wasn't taking the pictures. Ah fun times.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Gotta love 'em

One more reason why I love Georgia football and Mark Richt.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Rog loves grass

My future baby daddy A-Rod lost today. Roger Federer is a god on grass. He actually, to use a creepy cliched phrase, looks like poetry in motion. The way he moves is incredible. Plus, he looks so much better with the short hair. While I was pulling for Roddick, Federer's win was awesome. He is so gracious and I love it when guys show emotion like that. Andy will always be my fav though because he is too cute. The speech he gave after losing had just the right combination of humbleness, humor and admiration (couldn't think of another h). I love tennis. Andy's the king of hard surfaces (wink) so hopefully he'll come back at the US Open.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Game, Set, Match

Even though I wanted Lindsay Davenport to win, I have to admit that was one of the best tennis matches I've seen. Venus looked so happy at the end. One of the reasons why I never really pulled for Serena, Venus, Maria and other "big" names is because of the way they act on the court. Tennis is a sport that requires class, respect and gamesmanship. Lindsay Davenport has always been gracious, both in winning and losing. The Williams sisters, on the other hand, often times go overboard. I'm not saying that the flashy clothes or the massive jewelry is wrong, or that enthusiasm shouldn't be a part of the game, I just think they, along with other newer players, go a little too far.

Today, Venus, in regular tennis whites, played like the champion she is. She was happy and you could see it all over her face. But she didn't go overboard yelling and acting like a retard. And when she missed a point she didn't throw anything. I am not saying that a little racket tossing now and then ruins the game, but constant outbursts just make me not want to watch. Obviously John McEnroe was an excellent player, but even now I'd rather watch Pete "Monkey boy" Sampras play because McEnroe is annoying.

The one other thing that needs to be changed in tennis is the grunting. Made popular by Monica Seles, the huge grunts/screams after each hit are obnoxious. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so. I get that hitting something that hard cause some noise, and that maybe it gives you an edge, but when you are louder than a jet plane landing, you have some serious problems.

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