Thursday, August 23, 2012


What bothered me about Harry Potter (Spoilers)

A draft I never posted. This was written right after DH part 1 came out. So...yea.

I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 the other day. Over all I really enjoyed it. I thought the pacing was good, costumes and casting are always good, sets were great.


I really liked the way they moved Harry, Ron and Hermione around after the wedding. They didn't waste time on places that didn't really mean anything. I also really liked where they ended it. I predicted they would end it right after Ron smashed the locket, but I think adding the 3 brothers story etc. was a great set up for the next one.

All the things I didn't like were at the beginning of the movie. I didn't like that Dudley didn't say goodbye to Harry at the start. It was one of the key points in the last book and it bothered me. I didn't like the way the groups all went back to the Burrow. I thought they could have added 5 minutes of dropping in at Tonks' parents' house first. I didn't like that Harry said Voldemort went to him because of Hedwig - it was the expellarimus spell, which is a key point in the story. The last thing I didn't like was the lack of Harry's birthday. They didn't need to make it a big thing, but it was before Bill's wedding not on the same day. When the Minster came to give Dumbledore's will stuff, he could have said something and that would have been good enough.

I understand not everything in movies can be the same in books etc. Often things don't bother me. For example, they basically cut Dean out of this movie. He's with the snatchers and goes with them back to Shell cottage, but he's not there at all and I didn't mind. What annoys me is when they change something for no good reason when they didn't need to. I understand timing is an issue. But why couldn't one of the spells Harry cast be expellarmius? It wouldn't have added any time at all to the movie and would have stayed true to the book.

But, like I said, overall great adaptation of the book and I look forward to seeing part 2.


Texts number something or other

So I'm sort of back. Keep reading at ryryinkorea because I'm planning on adding some posts to that soon, although I've been saying that for the last 4 months, so take it with a grain of salt.

So I've done these text things before and am too lazy to find out what number I'm on and also to link to the previous ones. Also, the main reason that I am doing this is because I still have a pos phone which only holds a handful of texts and I need to delete something awful.

So, without further dely, texts on my phone that made me laugh:
- Let me know when you're done and I get to ring the bell in "jail"
- Tell the F's to donate at least $3000
- I'll add him to the douche bag list
- Texas wind
- Sometimes meaningless sex can be a good thing.
- You'll probably be a fertile myrtle.
- What kind of pipe?
- Ryry returns to GA and it begins to thunder and lightening. Coincidence?
- practice your kegals
- emphasis on the gin
- 90s summer mix on Pandora
- I fell off the tube on a rapid and jammed it (her toe) on a rock
- can you please call him Daddy Warbucks?
- Is doing yoga with a glass of wine totally inappropriate?
- 7:35 Saturday. My date with Magic Mike
- Sorry! Fresh out of wons.
- I literally just took a nap between my text and yours
- More proof that exercising is the devil (car hit in y parking lot by centagenarian)
- Ok. I'm done with you. Goodnight.
- Tell uncle DB he has one more year until I move
- I just told my friends how our family called each other "dbags" and "whores" and it's no big deal
- Scott likes raspberry and watermelon a cheap hooker
- R U drunk? (I was)
- Chipper Jones?
- Subtlety ask how daddy died. If you can.
- Just thought you should know that you can now say that you've had dinner with me while I wasn't wearing any panties. Have a good evening!
- OMG. They have a large blanket and a puppy pad on the bed (giving detailed descriptions of a home birth on tv)
- I'll hire you to be my personal assistant. I only pay $5-10 biweekly. Think about it and get back to me.
- I learned a long time ago never to talk to anyone on MARTA ever.
- An otter. I'm in Gryffindor too.
- It was cornershop. You failed.
- You think that was a lady
- the t-rex just ate the dude on the toilet
- shooting?
- well, don't ask then bitches
- haha his dj name is dj rush
- you should swing your boats and block her
- square B in the nuts for me.
- Can you please remind me why I still watch one tree hill?
- well pants would probably be good
- I need soap
- After 6 nights of drinking I'm kinda done though

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