Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Ever have one of those days? First I hit myself in the face with a bungee cord (no damage done) (btw I got accident insurance the other day, but it doesn't kick in until 8-1 so I gots to be careful for a week). Then I noticed that I hadn't shaved my legs this morning. I didn't shave on purpose because I thought I had the night before in the tub, but I didn't because I was reading a book and forgot. So I went all day in a skirt with unshaven legs, you know, cause I'm classy like that. Luckily I had shaved them on Monday so they weren't too bad. I'm guessing that nobody really noticed because nobody said anything and the people I work with aren't shy about telling me that kind of stuff. Still. Oh, and I have a huge neck zit to add to that loveliness.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Cheese and Ads

First, I don't like people that say ricotta like "ri coat a". It's "ra cot a". Screw you, guy on UnWrapped (not Mark Summers of Double Dare) who makes the cheese and pronounces it WRONG.

Also, I think it's hilarious that the side ad on e-harmony was for Nuva Ring. Assume much Dr. Phil?

Monday, July 13, 2009


Second ultrasound

Today I had my second experience with the dildo cam. (To experience the first one, read this). This time, the lights were on when I walked in and they only turned them off once I was up on the dentist chair. They also stepped out of the room to let me change. Again I was asked if I was allergic to latex. The biggest difference this time (other than knowing what to expect) was that there were 2 people in the room. One lady was new at it and was learning. She didn't hurt me or anything, but it was awkward because the 2 techs were talking to each other about my lady parts as if I weren't there. Stuff like, "see I think her uterus is the wrong way" and "yup, you got the ovary" and "there's the cervix, see" and "trying turning it the other way and applying more pressure" was flying over my head while I was staring at a darkened light fixture.

The good news is that I'm ok - no more cyst, no more icky lining. The bad news is that I'll probably have to take birth control to regulate it for a long time. That's not too big of a deal, so all in all I am thankful.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Tennis & bug bites

Sorry it's been awhile, but you know, I get distracted.

The 4th was a decent weekend. I got Friday off and drove to Rocky Mount where I met up with my cousin and her friend from college. We went out on a boat, played on the tube, I got random circles of sunburn. On Saturday they had their first annual oyster fest (gross), which was fun. I actually ate a fried oyster (now I don't have to eat another one). Drank a fair amount, danced to satellite radio in front of a big-ass fan and my legs look like I have measles from all the giant mosquito bites I've got. Drove home early Sunday morning and napped in the rain. Missed my brother, but am glad he's almost done.

Here's the tennis part: Roger Federer is awesome, but I've never really wanted to jump him...until I saw this. Hells yea!

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