Sunday, November 23, 2008



This weekend I went to Raleigh. My brother is between duty stations (he has to report to VA on Monday) and I haven't seen him in a long time. The whole point was that I was going to help him arrange/pack some of his stuff so that when March comes around his move out will be super fast. That didn't happen. On Saturday I got there and he had "made a pile" of stuff that was trash, stuff for good will and stuff he wanted to take with him to VA. That was it. And that's all we did. I got his Playstation and a set of golf clubs to bring to my house. Then we went to my aunt & uncle's house to watch the UNC/NC State game (go Pack!). We had an outdoor fire and grilled a beer butt chicken on the grill. We also played about 4 games of Candyland and did various other activities with my youngest cousins. That night we went back to the boys' house and had an indoor fire (they don't turn their heat on - only the fire in the living room and portable heaters in bedrooms - it was 45 degrees on Saturday morning - inside).

Sunday the boys and I went to Golden Corral. There were quite a few interesting people there, including a Mexican cowboy, a young Conan O'Brien (who got potatoes everywhere and M&S sang the Conan theme song whenever he went by), an old lady who sat in my seat, a waiter who had he sleeves rolled up James Dean style, a group of 10 guys in camo who had clearly gone hunting that morning, an old man with the CAT trucker hat, and a bunch of Navy guys (it was Navy eats free day). I'll tell you something, those boys can make me laugh. I wasn't prepared for the Corral though and took like a 3 hour nap when I got home. Overall, good weekend.

** I forgot the part that I originally intended to be the "point' of this post. Today, I smell like a dude. Partly due to all the wood fires and the fact that I am wearing the same jeans 2 days in a row so that I smell like I've been camping. Partly due to the fact that I forgot deodorant and thus am wearing the new Old Spice.

Thursday, November 20, 2008



This week is Jeopardy's Teen Challenge. There was one question in the pop culture (or something similar) category last night that was just sad.

Approx: "She was the host of Nickelodeon's Teen Choice Awards and took home awards for female singer and TV actress/comedy"

I couldn't decide which depressed me more - the fact that none of the 3 contestants knew the answer (nerds) or the fact that I did (hello, Miley Cyrus - duh).

Monday, November 17, 2008


Nothing New

I haven't posted in awhile basically because I have nothing new to add. Veterans Day was a day off for me. I stayed in pjs and read 2 books. That was about the same for the weekend (although it was raining on the weekend, well at least Saturday, so that counts). I got back into the reading habit. I went to the library and it had been so long they had to renew my card (I go to a sort of special library where you actually have to live in the city and not just the county - I belong to the county one too). They now have this weirdo system that allows you to scan your card, then stick the books in a stack and it reads them all. But they don't stamp the books so you have to get a receipt to tell you when everything is due.

It's getting colder now in NC. I am still trying to go as long as I can without turning on the heat (hello Christmas money). One plus (or minus) about cold weather is that the dog tends to actually sleep the whole night in the bed instead of jumping to the floor when I turn off the light. The bad part is that on more than one occasion I have had a foot in my face, or my back or a kidney. The weirdest was when I woke up and I was on my back, she was on her back perpendicular to me, with her head on my chest, looking at me (but asleep). It is very strange to wake up with a snout in your face.

Seriously, that has been the most interesting thing to happen to me in the last week or so. I have been incredibly lazy and in a snuggling under blankets with tea etc. and reading mood. Hopefully this next week will be more exciting.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Conversation with my brother

I was talking on aim with my brother tonight because my phone is being a pain in my ass. Here's a clip:

RyRy hello brother
Brother Ethan?
Ryry my phone is f-ed up, can you try to call it
Brother Your phone is gay
RyRy yes it is
Brother No answer
R did it go to voice mail?
B yep
R can you try to call roll or mom and see if their phones are messed up too
B nope, dont want to talk to them
R but but you don't have to talk to them, just hang up if they answer, and you'll know their phones worked
B ok, The roll answered so I hung up
R haha, thanks
B I wonder if it will call back
B yup there it is
R are you going to answer?
B yup, I said "what do you want", and it said you called me, It's making beef stew
R ok
B I like beef stew
B I just cut my gum bad on a sunflower seed
R ouch
R and i too enjoy a good beef stew when the weather is chilly
B you dont know the first thing about beef stew
R i know it has beef in it
R and that it's stew
B thats the second and third thing about beef stew
B I like bread
R i like bread too
R what kind of bread are you talking about specifically?
B bread is pretty much delicious
B I dont know, rolls and such
R i agree
R i didn't know if you meant like sourdough or challah or something
B I did lesson 1 of rosetta stone Korean today
R haha
R and? do you know it like michael phelps knows chinese
B Its tough but I know how to say horse, elephant, boy, girl, man, woman, airplane, ball, table
B and the boy is under the plane or over the ball or on the horse and such
B The hardest ones were to tell the difference btw in the plane on the plane and under the plane
R i have a feeling that the phrase "boy under the horse" will come in handy
B they all sound exactly alike
B who knows it might
R so what's up with you?
B almost died Friday

That was basically our conversation (we kept talking after that, but that was the flow of ideas). As you can see, he is insane.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Dukes of Daville

I want their CD!!!! And they don't have one. Yet they have this song which I love. And their song "Cry Baby" was on the end of Private Practice 2 weeks ago and I enjoyed it too. And apparently the CD won't come out until 2009. Hopefully there is a bootleg somewhere in ATL that I can get when I'm home. Unless one of my peeps there can find it for me (hint!).

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