Friday, July 28, 2006


Holy crap

Tonight when I opened my front door to take Layla out to pee, a bird flew right past my door. It scared the crap out of me because it went right by my face. Evidently it scared the crap out of the bird as well because when I went back into the house I noticed a blob of bird poo on Layla's back. Either that bird was startled or it really hates dogs.


Love of my life

Diet Coke is one of man's best inventions.

Also, I am trying to find a copy of a song from the "She's the Man" soundtrack, and no it's not on that album. If anyone has a copy of "Love" by Matt White, send it my way or show me where I can buy it because I checked iTunes and nada.

Lastly, I heart Channing Tatum. Especially in underwear.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Project Runway comments

I haven’t posted anything about this yet nor have I read the TWOP recaps yet, but these are my 2 cents about the new season. First of all I hate Heidi Klum because she is so freaking gorgeous. Tim Gunn is still the man. I love the new gays and the tattoo guy is already on my nerves. Milan was annoying the first episode, but he started to grow on me and I wish that Allison had left instead but I wanted to punch her when she was trying to talk to Kayne. I’ll side with her that Vincent was crazy and wasn’t really letting her help, but so what, deal with it lady. I hope the challenges get more fun soon. They really haven’t had anything too challenging. The first one pretty much just gave people fabrics from other stuff, but it wasn’t like lawn furniture or anything. Then again, I do like to see the pretty stuff they make when they get to use real fabrics. Oh well, I’m just glad it’s back on!

Friday, July 21, 2006



I know it's been awhile, but I've been busy at work and I can't/don't want to write about that. So I've been watching the Simple Life, Til Death Do Us Part every once and awhile this summer. I have decided that if I had children and had to leave them with either Paris or Nicole, I'd pick Nicole.
First of all, she's nowhere near the biotch that Paris is, and she flat out admits that she's bitchy. I think I'd be less likely to want to punch Nicole in the face than Paris. Plus she makes me laugh.
Second, with Nicole your kids might end up with tattoos, spiky hair and swearing like a sailor, but they'd be alive, which is more than I could say about Paris. Did you see the episode where she almost let that one kid drown and her assistant had to go in and get her? Paris, I believe, is also more likely to leave your kid somewhere.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


My Weekend

All I did this weekend was sit around and watch movies and TV. Here's some comments:

Footloose (hey it was on CBS or something) is extremely homo erotic. I've never thought Kevin Bacon was that attractive. He always played the straight/serious "can I have another" man to perfection. He did royally creep me out in River Wild too- that's the perfect part for him; someone seemingly normal who's really a psycho. But boy can he kick his legs!

50 first dates is better than I thought it was. I don't know why, but the first time I saw it I didn't really like it. I watched it 2 1/2 times this weekend (TBS) and loved it. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler need to make more movies together. Their chemistry on screen is perfect and the 2 of them are both normal looking people. They're both attractive, but not models. And they act like real people too, which is why even with a subject as bizarre as amnesia, they make it real. And good.

Oh my God the guys in Boondock Saints are hot. I'll admit, I love gangster movies and bad boy types. But these two, yum. And I never realized how funny that movie actually is. I watched this once with Jeff, Matt and Roll. Jeff, who was drunk at the time, said he was going to get Veritas tattooed on his hand. Matt bet him that he wouldn't. The next day we talked Jeff out of the tattoo and Jeff wrote Matt a check, which he taped top the top of the mini fridge to remind Jeff of how stupid he can be. It got messed up when Matt spilled a beer on it, but I don't think Jeff has written another one.

I fell asleep to the Pacifier both nights. Vin Diesel is great in that role and I find it adorable that he walks pidgin-toed. I don't know why I like that move so much. I realize that it's stupid, but I laugh everytime Vin says "they're not boobs". I think maybe it's because he plays so well with the kids. He's not as good with adults, you can see it when he talks to Lorelei Gilmore, but with the kids, he works.

I watched a few other things, including the abc family movie, Iron Chef, some tennis, Suite life of Zack & Cody, Gladiator and Girls Next Door. I did not, however, watch soccer.

Friday, July 07, 2006



Last week, while getting a pedicure, I too read the EW list of TV shows that were based on movies. I really didn't get the majority of the list and second Irwin's comments.

Parenthood was/is a great movie. You can relate to almost all of the characters and the acting was great- even Keanu. You know someone in real life who compares to all of them. I wish I had a coyboy Gil at my birthday parties.

EW can suck it.


Naked Dog

If you live in Alpharetta, do not take your dog to the Petco on States Bridge. I took Layla there the day before I came back to NC. I wanted to get her hair cut. I had taken her to a Petsmart and asked for her hair to be cut short before, they cut it like a lab and she looked adorable. I asked the Petco people for the same thing and specifically said, "Not to the skin". When I picked the dog up, she was naked. Her body is a totally different color than her head. She looks better now that it's been a few days and now that I've gotten used to it. However, they did the same cut to our 10 year old retriever Teak. It looks bad. She's old so she has loose dog skin and tumors (both from cancer and general old age). I seriously told my mom she needs to put sun screen on the dog before she can go outside. Poor poor T.

Also, I use advantix on Layla and every time I out it on her she goes freakin nuts and runs around the house and rolls on towels or whatever is handy. Do you think she could be allergic to it? It only seems to bother her the first day. Opinions?

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