Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Moving Out

I helped my sister move out of her dorm room today. I don't know how she crammed all of that crap in there. It took us 90 minutes to get it all in my van and my tires sunk a little once it was all shoved in there. She had a pair of boots with fur on them... in North Carolina. I unloaded about 1/3 - mainly big stuff like her mini fridge and microwave and TV into my apartment as there is no point in driving all that down to GA just to drive it right back up again. I guess that's nice b/c her TV has a DVD player and mine broke about a month ago.

She is going to do study abroad next semester and leaves for Australia in July. I know we're not as close as some people, but I am not looking forward to not being able to call her whenever I feel like it. I mean last night she called me at 1:30 a.m. from a bar in Myrtle Beach with all her friends to tell me that someone had quoted a line from "The Sandlot". She can't do that from the land down under.

I will definitely miss her (and probably my mom) at Thanksgiving. I'll be just me and Jeff and I'll be sad. Hopefully we'll still be able to play internet battleship, but it won't be the same. I like knowing she's around, even if I don't drive the 90 minutes to Durham very often, I know that I can. I know that there is someone who will go with me to see stupid movies, country concerts and free shows. That there is someone who knows what comes after "Timmy and Tommy Timmons". Someone who appreciates my odd sense of music and knows what detouring means. And even though it'll only be 5 months, it'll be 5 months of no "Roll cell" popping up on my phone and 5 months of not being able to discuss how ugly Marissa's outfits are and 5 months where one of my favorite people in the world is on the other side of it.

I never went abroad and sometimes I regret it- I'll bet I'd still be able to actually speak French. But then I think about all the things I would have missed my junior or senior years - good football seasons, actually becoming friends with KT, Turkessa and Sarah, camping, almost falling out of a pickup with Whit, meeting Andy, RHA drama, racketball, falling off a motorcycle, spring breaks, tattoos, going to California, GA/FL game, dancing on the bar, 21st b-days, Boneshakers, Everclear shots, Dawson's Creek, floats, watching a meteor shower with someone who I thought was the boy of my dreams... and his girlfriend, learning I was stronger than I thought I was, car accidents and Olive Garden, drag shows, skinny dipping, midnight stalking and Frostys, spades, Trivial Pursuit - Paula Abdul, meeting Uga (V & VI), and tons of other stuff, and I don't regret staying.

I hope she has fun, makes friends and learn something. But, I hope she comes home and falls in love with a US boy because I can go 5 months without seeing her, but that's about it. And it would be a waste of money for me to fly all the way there just to have to kick her ass back home.


Movies that make me cry

As my comment to this post got longer and longer, I figured I'd just scrap most of it and write a post. Sometimes I cry at off spots in movies, sometimes I don't cry in places normal people cry. I've always been a weird crier so I'll split them into catogories.

Wellers (the vision gets a little blurry, but a blink or two and we're all good)
Crash - when the little girl talks to her dad
The Patriot - when the little girl yells "Papa, Papa"
Harry Potter - when Neville gets the points

Wipers (eyes well up and require a swipe with a the hand)
Homeward Bound - when they come through the woods and Jamie starts going "Chance, here boy" Plus, Michael J Fox does a kick ass voice over, so does Sally Field.

Leakers (tears stream - at least 3 streaks down the cheek)
Rudy - I know, but I can't help it at the end when he sacks the guy.
Invincible - Something about sports movies.

All out bawlers (theses normally only happen at home, but require Kleenex)
The Cure - when he puts the shoe in the river - oh my god. My mom thought I had fallen down the stairs or something I was crying so hard. Although I must have been in some weird place that day, because when I saw it again I didn't cry as much.

I will have to update this I'm sure with stuff I am forgetting to put on there, or when a new movie comes out.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Do you have it?

Ann & Sara came down to NC this weekend to watch their ECU friends graduate (read: get drunk at some ECU parties). Ann drove to my house Wednesday night and then we went to Raleigh Thursday morning after my last final (woot!). We played some disc golf with Jeff and had dinner with my aunt and uncle and baby Katie. The two best parts of the day were reading bad baby names and watching GUTS on TiVo.

My aunt is pregant with her second child (a girl) and we were looking through the baby name book. There were some hideous names in there. A bunch were combos of 2 normal names like, Dougiana (seriously that was in there). There were also celebrity influenced names such as Chaka-Khan and Jaylo (alternate spelling J-Lo). Right. They did have alot of "boy" names as "girl" names and vice versa which is kind of nice as "Ryan" has been on the boy's side for centuries but neveron the girl side. The book she had changed the definition for the girl's side though. Ryan means "little king" but they changed it to "beautiful". Reading those reminded me of this website. I love it. I have actually cried from laughing so hard at some of these names. I need to write a book called "If you want your baby to get beaten up, name him...". I'll bet it'd be a best seller. Also, don't change the spellings of names. Stop adding vowels. Katie should be spelled like that not Katyie or Catti or Pkeyatie (silent p).

I love going to Jeff's because they have good cable and DVR. They always record MXC and they have the Nickelodeon Gas channel (don't know why they call it that, but they do) which shows Double Dare, GUTS and Legends of the Hidden Temple. We watched GUTS and Temple and were reminded of how awesome those shows were. Why do they not have cool kids game shows anymore? Trust me, I watch enough Disney and Nick to know they're not on. This also led to the discussion about whether Mike O'Malley's friends make fun of him for hosting GUTS and if he's ever gotten a piece of Mo.

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