Sunday, March 29, 2009



Holy fucking shit. My prayers go out to all the families who lost someone and to those recovering. Get well soon Justin.

And no matter your feelings on the 2nd Amendment, this couldn't have happened if all he had were sticks.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Rainy Saturday

So I didn't do much today because it was pouring and because it felt like I had fallen down a flight of stairs (oh yea, I did). I watched TV, Harry Potter, and read.

This was by the far the best part of my day. (I've never posted a video before, so if it doesn't work, I'm sorry. Also, the background noise is Throwdown with Bobby Flay - ravioli.) It's a little long, so if you get bored, go to the last minute because watching her walk backwards was the funniest part to me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My face and your mom

So after my fight with the stairs yesterday, my boss told me to take today off. I'm glad she told me to, because I would have gone to work today otherwise. I needed the sleep (slept about 10 hours). I am pretty much ok - sore neck and bruises down my right side (big ones on the armpit (?), hip and shin. I've been icing my neck and can now turn it side-to-side without wincing. My face still looks a mess, but luckily it's not swelling. I am still picking dried blood out of my nose, so that's a treat.

Today has been productive though. I finished my taxes (feds already accepted- whoot!), read 2 magazines, got scrapbook stuff ready for a project with my cousin and contemplated doing laundry (well it's in the washer, but I have yet to add soap and water - baby steps). I thought about cleaning, but I don't want to lift anything too heavy.

Yesterday I emailed my mom with a recap of the stairs episode along with a picture. I had texted her and my sister from the ER because you're not supposed to use cell phones and I didn't want to get in trouble. My text was, "I fell, in the er, i'm ok". She read the email and thought I was joking until she saw the picture (it's really not that bad, but I am not posting it). My sister was like, I am glad you added the "i'm ok" part to your text because I was in a meeting and couldn't call and if that wasn't there I'd be freaking out.

This morning my mom forwarded me an email to one of my cousins. It was titled "your mom" and I thought it was a joke until I read it - we're doing a surprise of sorts. I emailed her back and was like, you might want to rethink some of your subject lines. Although it did make me laugh a little bit.

Ok, time for a nap, or a movie, or something where I can lie down with an ice pack.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Me v. Stairs

So, work today was interesting. I was supposed to do juvenile court this morning. For juv. I carry a metal bucket with files and books etc. in it. We use those for superior court too, but not district. Well, as I was walking down the front steps (from now on my mortal enemy), my boot heel caught in my pants cuff. I was able to right myself, but on the next step I was not so lucky. Now, we have approx. 15-20 stairs. I caught myself on about number 4, so you do the math. I flew down the stairs - face first - landed and then bounced and tumbled a few more, all the while carrying the damn bucket. Oh, which I landed on. My face is not happy. A couple of people I work with yelled if I was ok, which I though I was until I felt blood coming down my face. So, someone called EMS. I went upstairs to the bathroom to wash off and stop the bleeding. The worst part is a cut above my lip and on my nose (neither of which required stitches). So I had my first trip to the ER - without shoes btw because my boot heel broke. I was in a neck collar, and X-rays and CT scan later, I'm fine. No broken face or neck! Yay! It looks like I got into a fight. My knuckles are bruised and cut. I have a huge scrape/bruise/rugburn on my chin and cheek and the aforementioned scratches on my nose. My boss drove my bar to my house and she and another co-worker sat with me at the ER and brought me home. They did have to cut off my earrings at the ER, which was sad. Also, I am pissed that my one pair of brown shoes is broken, then again the brown suit I have is also ruined since the knee went bye-bye on the fall. Conclusion - stairs and I are not friends. And hydrogen peroxide does get blood out of clothes.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day

This picture was actually taken on Monday so that I could post it on Tuesday, you know, the actual St. Patrick's Day. Then, well, I got lazy and didn't put it up here. This is also the result of about 20 minutes. Layla was fairly patient, but I tried to play with the settings on my camera so take out the creepy eye. I did get a good picture with black eyes, but then the words were fuzzy. Plus, I loved her ears too much here. I had just said "treat".

The Pinehurst St. Patrick's Day parade was postponed last weekend until today, so I figured that I'd take some pictures and post them too. Unfortunatley, the parade was supposed to last from 11-1 (at least that's what the paper and the website said). We got there at 11:20 and it was over. We saw the tail end of it with some girl scouts and an old-timey firetruck.

So, we went to lunch. Here. At least we kept with the theme. And I wore my Ireland t-shirt and the only orange thing I own, which is a Campbell sweatshirt, so I looked the part too. Oh well, maybe next year. Or next holiday...I will have to find something to put on the dog's head. She does have bunny ears.

Sunday, March 15, 2009



I never knew Yahtzee was so fun. I always remembered it as a boring game, but this weekend I went to visit my brother and his roommates and we played a couple of games. Much more enjoyable than I thought. True it's not super drinking sorry, but it's still a fun game. Sadly enough we did not turn it into a drinking game because we only started it today and 2 of us had to drive places. we also played Rook, which sucks. I'd rather play spades or hearts or something else. Maybe if we had kept playing it would have gotten better, but I doubt it. We also played poker and I annoyed everyone by picking acey-deucey. Although I did learn how to play diablo and skank. That's all I really wanted to post about tonight. I might talk more about the rest of the weekend later, but I am sleepy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



I went to dinner tonight with a friend of mine. We went here. They've already started green beer (if you want it) and are having specials based on the week & country. This week is Welsh week. I enjoyed the food and the beer and the atmosphere (although I wouldn't have minded sitting in the bar area because it's more fun, but they have smoke there and I don't like that).

The thing that creeps me out about British food is organ meat. I am sure that kidneys and livers and all that stuff are lovely. But they squig me out! Steak and kidney pie was a special tonight. Ew. I know that English people eat the shit out of that stuff so it can't be horrible. I know my grandparents ate weird stuff like liver and onions (ugh). It's something about the word itself that brings to mind something slimy and it just grosses me out. I wish I was more adventurous, but I'm just not. I'd probably try a deep fried testicle if I ever went to Texas (prairie oyster anyone??) and I've tried some other types of food (Greek, Indian etc.) but I just can't do organs. Not yet at least, and I don't think any time soon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009



I went to a surprise b-day party tonight for a sort-of-co-worker. It was really nice, had some drinks, talked, ate some cake. Two things came out of that party for me. First, I love living "downtown" and being able to walk home. That makes free beer so much better (by that I mean I can't get a DWI and/or lose my job). Second, I need to find a husband soon. See this party was thrown by the b-day boy's wife. It was a 40th party, and apparently his 30th was something to talk about. Which brought to mind the whole spouse thing. I need to marry someone damn quick so they can throw me a 30th. Oh well. I guess I can spend it with my cousins on a cruise boat or something.

Umm actually 4 things. Third being edamame hummus sounds kind of gross, even though I like both hummus and edamame, but it was actually really good. Forth being that even though black is often needed for cake decorating, black icing is not good for teeth - everyone looked pretty jacked up after the cake.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Spring Forward

It has been beautiful here for the last couple of days. Last weekend it rained then snowed and was in the teens for the first half of the week. Then it turned sunny and the temp went to the 70s. Friday a co-worker and I went to a meeting that got out early so we hit up a bar with a patio and enjoyed the weather. I felt a wee bit like an alcoholic when the first bar we hit wasn't even open yet. But it ended up ok because the one we ended up at had some decent music and cheaper beer.

The one bad thing about the weekend was daylight savings. See, I love sleep, and this jump up an hour does not work well with me. It gets sunnier in the morning, which makes it harder to stay in bed and hit the snooze. Oh well, I guess I'd rather have the 70s and sun in the morning than the teens and rain. Although I do love rainy weekends with nothing to do. Hope this weather sticks around and we don't get the frost that kills all the flowers!

Monday, March 02, 2009


To Do List

What I need to do:

Laundry - running out of socks & shirts

Dishes - there is a load running now, but I won't put them away for a week

Vacuum stairs - dog + hard wood floors = messy

Clean bedroom - said dog has been sleeping in my clothes and has scattered them all over

Lose weight

Lower blood pressure

Buy house

What I am doing:

Playing on facebook

Watching Harry Potter

Wear a t-shirt, flannel pants and a scarf

Iming my sister stupid youtube clips of dogs

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