Thursday, September 23, 2010


Devil Birds

As usual sorry about the time in between posts, but I'm freaking busy over here. Not really, but it makes me look less like a lazy bum.

My dog makes this very annoying whining noise when people are outside or something moves or she wants a treat or she wants to bug me. It's very high pitched and makes me want to scream. Well the past few mornings I have heard the whining. I thought maybe she had to pee and went downstairs. She was fast asleep every time, or at best, waking up from hearing me walking down the steps.

Finally, around 4 in the morning the other day I heard it again, from outside. There are some birds living in a tree near my bedroom window which is right above my bed. They must be mocking birds or whining dogs birds because the noise is exactly the same. Makes me wish I was a hunter and that whining dog bird season was open. Stupid birds.

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