Friday, August 25, 2006



This has been my life for the last 2 weeks:

My desktop decided that it was time to let the virus it's had for a few months to go all crazy. Basically it had ebola and the computer ate itself. Now it won't turn on. I really hope that because I had it set up with 2 different drives, that the virus only attacked my C drive and that all my music and pictures on D weren't eaten as well. I have to make myself believe that or I will burst into tears.

My laptop, while virus free, was intended to be a backup computer, thus doesn't have a lot of memory and other things that make it go fast and thus is slow as dirt, making my life slow. Damn that was a long sentence.

School has been a pain in the neck. I haven't really done any of the work I should be doing and I don't have to drive to do it either. I am in charge of the Moot Court competition and have met with professors who are running me around in circles. Basically I have to sit on my hands until Wednesday before I do can stuff that should already be done.

I scared a bunch of 2Ls by telling that I would back over them with my car if they signed up to do the competition and then quit. I was only slightly kidding.

My boobs hurt and my face is breaking out from a combination of PMS and stress.

Sara came Monday night and on Tuesday we went to the movies at a cute little shopping center. I saw "Step Up" again and my love for Channing Tatum grows. I caved and bought "She's the Man" for $20 when I normally wait until they at least go to $13.

Matt took Sara and I on a tour of UPS and we got to see Jeff in action. I wish I had the picture of him in a vest, but Sara hasn't emailed it yet.

I feel guilty because I want to whine about something (yes, more than I've already done) and there is no reason I should feel bad about it. I feel worse because part of the reason I started to write this blog was so that I could have an outlet for pent up feelings and I don't feel I should write about this.

The geniuses behind the academic calendar decided that the only times groups should meet are a 2 hour block on T/Th. Of course I only have classes on MWF, meaning I have to leave work/court early or get back late so that I can sign on to help with a blood drive or a bake sale. It's frustrating me because I think court is more important for my future (what with, you know, wanting to be a lawyer) but I have already committed myself to some groups and I can't stand people that drop stuff just because something better comes along.

I'm sad that Robert is "out", but I liked that Jeffrey actually felt something nice about someone. Kayne is now my baby daddy. I liked Heidi's outfits better when she was knocked up.

I've read about 6 Nora Roberts books and I think they have seriously warped my idea of how meeting someone should go. If I don't instantly hate and want to have sex with someone at the same time, I know we won't end up together and that just doesn't seem right. Plus I don't anyone who owns a castle, a horse, a vineyard who also pretends he has no money and has adopted the 6 kids of his best friend who was tragically killed in a boating accident saving his life. So basically I'm screwed.

All in all, I'm feeling meh.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006



Have you ever spent $90 at the grocery store then when you get home there's nothing to eat? I'm not talking about buying party stuff for later or anything either. Maybe it's because I bought veggies and bread and what I really wanted to eat was a chocolate cake. Whatever. I ended up eating guacamole, which I have decided I like best when it's just mushed avocado, salt and a little lemon/lime juice, and a blueberry waffle.

I have also discovered a blister-like thing on the roof of my mouth. Being that I haven't kissed anyone in a long time, nor have I ever had a cold sore, what the hell is it?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Random observations

I think Cowboy Dwayne from D2 & D3 is the cowboy in that phone commercial where the rodeo clown is really a birthday clown. That makes me sad.

I think Channing Tatum from “She’s the Man” is possibly the hottest man on earth. I’ve watched that movie about 5 times in the last 3 days. He is girl porn personified.

I have rediscovered O.A.R. and I’m glad I did.

Feeling like you have to throw up and not being able to is one of the worst feelings in the world.

I am scared to death that I only have 1 more year of school and then have to get a real job. It’s not so much the working part, it’s the searching part that terrifies me.

I still really like “Ridin’ Dirty” by Camillionarie. I still don’t know why.

Spider Solitaire has been dicking me over lately.

I got spam from the president today titled “The Difference is Clear”. I didn’t read it.

I am very happy that Cartoon Network is playing "Pee Wee's Playhouse" on weeknights. I am also happy that they played Brak's "I'm a cucumber" in a bump for about a week. I wish they'd keep doing it.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Made my week

My internet has been down for the last 2 weeks. Apparently, when they installed my cable, a temporary splitter was used. According to the fixer guy, lightening struck it, fried it and that's why I got no signal. Now I have a new splitter towards my house and the modem's going strong.

My friend called me tonight and basically made my week for things that are funny. She was leaving her night class and a man, dressed in a 3 piece white suit with a hat, stepped out of his car and asked her to talk with him. He said she was beautiful yada yada and asked what she did. She told him and asked what he did. He replied, "I am in the business of ladies." She asked, "as in hos" and he responded, "some people call it that".

He then asked for her number. Seeing the look on her face, he added, "I meant so you could be my lady" and asked if she wanted his card. She said she was in a relationship and that she didn't want his card, but thanks.

When she told me that she was hit on by an actual pimp, I laughed for about 2 minutes without breathing. This brings up the next question I asked her, and now pose to you. If he was actually trying to recruit you as one of his hos, would you be flattered, insulted or a combination?

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