Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Second conversation with Mom

This one happened while we were watching Dancing with the Stars, when they showed the contestant profile on Rick Fox and he and Cheryl were standing in the Lakers practice gym.

Mom: Is that Jerry Rice?
Me: No, that is Kobe Bryant.
Mom: Oh.
Me: I am posting this on Facebook.

Monday, October 18, 2010


10 seconds with Mom

Mom (on the way upstairs to take a power nap): The Fresca spilled in your truck.
Me: How?
Mom: I spilled it.

Friday, October 08, 2010


Book Ends

I would say I'm sorry about the time in between posts, but I've said it so much lately that it would just seem fake.

So yea. I moved back home to Georgia and moved in with my mom. Because that's every 30 year old's dream. I'm not sure if I am really ready to talk about my life in the last few months, or what my plans are, because I'm not really ready to think about them. I'm taking an ostrich approach right now, which I know isn't the best thing to do, but shove it, give me some time and I'll get back.

What I wanted to talk about was Sugarland. When I left Georgia in 2002, a bright college grad, and moved to D.C. Sugarland had just come out with their first CD - the non-signed version at that. "The Ride" was my song right at that moment - other than the guitar, this was me. It was scary and exciting and I was looking forward to being a grown-up and starting my life.

I said good-bye to Southern Pines and my apartment the last week in September. I went to Raleigh and stayed with my sister through the weekend, in part because I didn't want to leave, in part because we had concert tickets on Saturday - for Sugarland.

I don't remember every song they played. They didn't play "The Ride". There were a fair amount of songs from their new album which releases in 2 weeks. But I felt the same feelings I did 8 years ago. I stood in the crowd, my sister and her friends dancing around me, tears streaming down my cheeks when "Something More" and "Settlin'" were played. It felt a bit like closure, a bit like failure and a bit like hope.

I wish I'd had the new album to be my passenger on the way home, but instead I relied on random songs from the radio. The only time I teared up on the trip was when my regular radio station no longer came in - that's when I knew I was gone. It feels strange to be back home. But I needed a change and was forced to make a decision. I hope it was the right one. I guess only time will tell.

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