Tuesday, May 29, 2007


TV needs new reruns

No, Everyone does not love Raymond. I am one of those people. The show isn't that bad; sometimes there are funny parts. But, it's not worth my viewing time. I'd rather watch another rerun of Friends, which still makes me laugh.

If TBS is all about a "new" re-run show instead of friends, why don't they pick something good where it'd almost be new to me - like Silver Spoons. I so wanted that train. Nick at Nite doesn't have enough good shows for my age group. All the shows are really old ones. They need to do what PAX (or whatever it's called) did with bringing back The Wonder Years.

On a side note, the dog just discovered that the floor in the bathroom is cooler and has taken to napping in there. Not the bathroom with a shower or bathtub, but the section of the bathroom with just the sink. Because god forbid if water touched her.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Wet Dog

My brother is going to watch my dog for me this weekend while I am in New Orleans. I thought it would be a nice gesture to take her for a bath & haircut before I left. So I called the place that normally cuts her hair, a place where it has never been a problem to make a last minute appointment. Apparently they are booked on haircuts through June 8th - wha? And also booked on just baths through Sunday.

So, being the nice sister I am, I decided to give the dog a bath myself. She hates baths, as have all my other dogs. Muddy water - good, clean warm water - bad. I have written about this before. So I got her in the tub, washed her, everything was going ok. Then I let her outside to pee and to sit on the porch and dry off. The idiot dog dug under the porch and came back covered in mud - this is in less than 5 minutes. So I dragged her in the house, where she slipped under her collar, carried her into the downstairs stall shower and turned it on. She was freaking miserable. Mud and dirt was streaming down her legs. Plus, I am basically also covered in mud and have water all over me. So thanks dog. Now I am making her sit in the bathroom until she is dry enough to come out. That's what she gets for being dumb. But at least she smells nice.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Stupid names

I was reading another blog today and one of the commenter's names was "Ryananne". And that's just wrong. Even spell check said so.

I don't like names with extra syllables and letters just to make it cool. It's a waste of time. Katie is Katie - not Katy (that is pronounced cat ee and I don't care if you say it's Katie, it's not). I'm ok if you want to change something around a little bit - I prefer Ann without the "e" and Sara without the "h", but I'll deal - it's acceptable. Geoffrey is not. You will be Gee-off to me. I'm ambivalent about the Stephen/Steven debate.

Ryananne is a whole combination of wrong. Ryann is okay if you want to modify the name for a girl (although I prefer Ryan and it comes with the additional bonus of the double take). I've also heard it pronounced Ry ann (true, in Georgia it ends up sounding like Ron either way you spell it), but Ryananne is taking 2 first names and meshing them into one. I know that's a southern thing, but that's just bad because it basically sounds like you had an idiot for a parent who totally messed up the spelling of Ryan or hiccuped in the middle of pronouncing it and you got stuck with a hiccup name. Sorry dude, your name is dumb.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


What's going on

So the day after graduation we started PMBR bar prep classes. PMBR is run by Kaplan. We take a simulated 50 question test in the morning in 1 of the 6 MBE (multi state bar exam) subjects. Then we grade it at lunch and see how poorly we did. Then we sit for 3 1/2 hours of lecture and go over the exam. That lasted for 6 straight days (Tues-Sun). Then we had Monday and Tuesday off and today we got our BarBri books (8 volumes weighing approx. 30 lbs - awesome). BarBri starts tomorrow and is daily M-F from 9-12:30. That covers mainly NC bar stuff, with some MBE thrown in too. We have already set up study groups and are planning on meeting at least 1 time per week for MBE and probably another 2 times for NC. Plus on Wednesday one professor is having an essay writing workshop. So basically my summer is going to blow.

One good thing is that Apollo won Dancing with the Stars - yay! Another good thing is that So You Think You Can Dance is starting again tomorrow (the bad thing is that I am supposed to study - oh well). I also started downloading from iTunes because I had some gift certificates and I bought the newest Gym Class Heroes album and I love it. Especially "Clothes Off" - it gets stuck in my head.

I have to send out thank you cards tomorrow and I need to remember to buy stamps. Stupid 41 cents. What else - oh, Grey's ending pissed me off. I hate Burke. That's just not cool. And I love Christina and Meredith's relationship. And, as I have said before, I can't stand George and Izzy's fake love interest - stop it! And Derek is a dick. And I will miss Addison. And I love Alex. I also have horrible heartburn and now I think I have an aortic dissection because of that show.

I bought new shoes on Monday. 2 pairs of flip flops and sneakers. Pink and gray ones. My dog needs a bath. I need to do whites. My friend Monica's bra broke today at lunch and she took it off because it was poking her and then we went to Belks and bought a new one.

I saw this today and I think it's awesome and I want to try it. I also think they should make a deodorant version b/c I'd be likely to use it as I like my body wash girly smelling. What else...I don't think there is anything else right now and this post has mainly been rambling anyway so forced rambling would be worse.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007



This past weekend I graduated from law school. Yay! I had a great weekend - lots of family came to town. On Friday night, the girls (me, Mom, Roll, my mom's sister Sue and my mom's mom) went to dinner at Second Empire. They made me and Roll special menus (for graduation and 21st b-day respectfully). They also decorated our dessert plates.

(Me & Grandma at Second Empire)

On Saturday, the girls went to North Hills to watch a movie and walk around. Luckily it stayed sunny for the most part and didn't rain until we were done shopping.

(Me & Roll at North Hills Starbucks)

Then we took Grandma and Sue to see Jeff's house. He cleaned the kitchen by throwing a beach towel over the dishes in the sink. Although the rest of the house was surprisingly clean. I didn't take a picture of the dishes, but I wish I had. That night Jeff, my dad and my aunt Amy met us for dinner at Mo's. It was really loud, but still fun. We were supposed to eat on the porch, but there was a downpour that made the street look like a river so luckily they had room to move us inside.

(Aunt Sue, Grandma, Roll, Dad, Jeff, Me & Amy at Mo's)

Sunday was the hooding. It was the law school only. They have the graduates walk in and sit. Then they do an awards ceremony and give out various stuff, including book awards (for the people that get the best grade in a specific class). I got 2 awards - one for trial advocacy and another for moot court (which included a check!). Unfortunately I was .7 away from graduating with honors. Oh well. I did get my sleeve stuck on the railing coming down after getting one of the awards which was awesome. It wasn't very noticeable though. Then we walk up one by one and they announce us and if we graduated with a distinction or with another degree. I have an advocacy distinction. When we walk up, we're hooded. Which means that Prof. Anderson (our Civil Procedure teacher) stood behind us and put a sash over our heads (it's the purple thing around my neck in the pictures). As he hooded me, he said, "I'll miss you" and I hugged him, which was nice. I asked around and he said different stuff to different people, but he didn't say that to the people around me, which made it nicer because he didn't say it to everyone. After that we left and got pictures taken. Then everyone met at my house for lunch/dinner. I left my phone and license in Roll's purse and didn't remember until she'd been gone for 40 minutes. So she dropped them off at Jeff's.

(Jeff, Me, Dad, Roll)

(Jeff and my cousin Katie - for some reason she loves Jeff)

(Jeff, Roll, Me, Grandma, Mom)

On Monday we had the graduation. It started outside with all the undergrads and every masters program. Law walks in last as an "honor". Then our speaker rambled for awhile. Then we split off and went to another building for just us. We walked on stage and sat facing the audience. Then we were announced and walked across the stage to get our diplomas. I teared up when they said, "Congratulations to the class of 2007" and the faculty (who were sitting in front of us on the platform) stood, faced us and clapped. Then there was a small reception after which sucked so we went to lunch at Broad Street.

(Me & Professor Chriscoe)

(Jodi, Becky & Me)
(The hood is the purple thing which drops down in the back, the chords are for Delta and ODK (honor societies))

On Monday, after lunch, I had to drive my mom to the airport then I went to Jeff's. We went to dinner and played trivia, then I made him watch Dancing with the Stars and he got mad at me. I started PMBR (bar review classes) Tuesday morning and will take them basically until a week before the Bar exam in July. Woo. So that was my weekend. I still don't feel like a lawyer yet.

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