Wednesday, December 17, 2008


100 foods

I stole this from T-Dawg, who also stole it.

1- Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.

2- Bold all the items you’ve eaten.

3- Cross out any item that you would never consider eating. (I italized them because it was easier).

4- Optional extra – post a comment linking your results.

The VGT Omniovore’s Hundred:

1- Venison

2- Nettle tea

3- Huevos rancheros

4- Steak Tartare

5- Crocodile (technically no, but I’ve eaten alligator)

6- Black pudding

7- Cheese fondue

8- Carp

9- Borscht

10- Baba ghanoush

11- Calamari

12- Pho

13- PB&J sandwich

14- Aloo gobi

15- Hotdog from a street cart

16- Epoisses

17- Black truffle

18- Fruit wine made from something other than grapes

19- Steamed pork buns

20- Pistachio ice cream

21- Heirloom tomatoes

22- Fresh wild berries

23- Foie gras

24- Rice and beans

25- Brawn, or head cheese (it sounds gross, but I’d probably eat it if nobody told me what it was)

26- Raw scotch bonnet pepper

27- Dulce de leche

28- Oysters

29- Baklava

30- Bagna cauda

31- Wasabi peas

32- Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl

33- Salted lassi

34- Sauerkraut

35- Root beer float

36- Cognac with a fat cigar (never had them together)

37- Clotted cream tea

38- Vodka jelly/Jell-o

39- Gumbo

40- Oxtail

41- Curried goat

42- Whole insects

43- Phaal (not sure if I’d eaten this, but I’ve had some kind of Indian curry dishes before)

44- Goat’s milk

45- Malt whiskey from a bottle worth $120 or more (thanks Pop-Pop, however, yuck.)

46- Fugu

47- Chicken tikka masala

48- Eel

49- Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut (hells yea. Hot ones too)

50- Sea urchin

51- Prickly pear

52- Umeboshi (but the girls on America’s Next Top Model did)

53- Abalone

54- Paneer

55- McDonald’s Big Mac Meal

56- Spaetzle

57- Dirty gin martini (I don’t like olives, but I’ve tried one)

58- Beer above 8% ABV

59- Poutine

60- Carob chips

61- S’mores

62- Sweetbreads

63- Kaolin (everything I read says it’s clay, which I haven’t eaten, but that it’s also in toothpaste and it’s a food additive, so I’m saying yes)

64- Currywurst

65- Durian

66- Frogs’ legs

67- Beignets, churros, elephants ears or funnel cake (yes to all)

68- Haggis

69- Fried plantain

70- Chitterlings or andouillette

71- Gazpacho

72- Caviar and blini (it’s gross, and I had it on crackers not blini)

73- Louche absinthe

74- Gjetost or brunost

75- Roadkill

76- Baijiu

77- Hostess fruit pie

78- Snail (tried one – bleh)

79- Lapsang souchong

80- Bellini

81- Tom yum

82- Eggs Benedict

83- Pocky

84- Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant (I don’t do tasting menus, I eat)

85- Kobe beef (don’t think so, but maybe)

86- Hare (on a pizza, no less)

87- Goulash

88- Flowers (in salads)

89- Horse

90- Criollo chocolate

91- Spam

92- Soft shell crab

93- Rose harissa

94- Catfish

95- Mole poblano

96- Bagel and lox (no fish!)

97- Lobster thermidor

98- Polenta

99- Jamaican blue mountain coffee

100- Snake

I thought I had a pretty good mix of stuff I’ve tried and stuff I would try. If you look at it, just about all of my “no’s” are fish related. And things coming out of the ocean are gross. Although I’ve eaten sushi on occasion…and I like calamari.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Science: The Cocoa Experiment

The last few times I have gone shopping (at either Walmart or the regular grocery store), hot chocolate has been on sale. I buy things on sale. Plus it's been cold here (although today it was in the upper 60s - weirdo weather), and I enjoy a nice cup of something warm in the evenings, preferably laced with something (e.g. rum, Kahlua, or creme de menthe). So I decided to experiment and see which hot chocolate I preferred.

Controls: All were the same price and all were Swiss Miss Brand. I tried 5 types (apparently my stores don't have the other 31 available cocoa flavors). I also used water heated via coffeemaker and not milk.

Sensible Sweets, Diet (25 cal) - didn't mix up too well, but over all decent flavor and the fact that it's 25 cal means adding the aforementioned alcohol isn't a super calorie fest. Yay drinking!

Mini Marshmallow (120 cal) - the marshmallows melted super fast. Then it tasted the same as the diet cocoa. Not worth it. Buy the diet and add your own marshmallows (or alcohol), or whipped cream.

Milk Chocolate (120 cal) - this one was actually a bit richer than the diet. A slightly darker flavor. It mixed up better too although I've found if you swirl your cup every so often it catches up most of the sediment.

Sensible Sweets, No Sugar Added (60 cal) - tasted exactly the same as the diet to me. And had a gram of fat where the diet has none. I have no idea why someone would drink this instead of the diet.

Indulgent Collection, French Vanilla (110) - quite tasty. Almost like one of the international foods coffees. Then again, it wasn't that much better than the diet. It had a definite vanilla flavor though, but that just interfered with the rum...I mean chocolate.

Overall, I say stick with the diet cocoa. You can add other stuff to it to suit your taste. I have never had a problem with sweetener flavor, so I might be totally tongue biased. I will hopefully find the other flavors and add to the cocoa experiment...but only if they are on sale.

Next foray into science - taste testing fast food honey mustards.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's been awhile

I've got nothing to say really.

The weather here has been weird.

I've been playing so much Rock Band/Guitar Hero in the last 4 days that my left hand hurts. My pinkie barely can move. Also, the song Vaseline is my downfall - it took me forever to get through it. Once I get all the songs on medium level I will switch over to drums. And that's about all that's new here.

I've got my tree up, and some other decorations. Our office at work is now decorated.

I made sweet & sour chicken with rice & edamame yesterday - it was pretty good. I just felt I needed to update. I will do something substantial (and by that I mean that the post will hopefully have a point) this weekend.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Thanksgiving Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Thanksgiving was like the usual. Mom picked up Roll & me on Wednesday night and drove like a psycho. Then she got J on Thursday morning while Roll and I peeled and chopped turnips, potatoes and apples. We had family cooking time in the kitchen. J made apple pie with lattice top and crumbles because he wanted 2nd crust and Roll wanted crumbles so their compromise was both. Mom & Roll worked on stuffing and I was general helper.

Then we played a rousing game of Where in the USA is Carmen San Diego?, and J & I created a new version of Battleship. Then we drank champagne (at noon) and instead of OJ, I used guava juice - good stuff. We had normal dinner, then played Apples to Apples with my mom's sorta boyfriend.

On Friday Blake came over and I had lunch with these people, and this girl. It had been a long long time since I've seen any of these GA/DC people and it was nice getting to see everyone. I wish we had more time. I'm glad that all of us seem to be happy. That night mom, Roll & I saw 4 Christmases.

Saturday was football day and it was f-ing miserable to watch Tech beat UGA. I still blame my brother for changing the channels. We then played Scat and Phase 10, where I just have to say Roll is a poor loser AND a poor winner.

Sunday our neighbors came over. One of them took the obligatory family picture, which did not come out as good as last year's. Here's one of the family, and one of the 3 kids.

All 3 of us had our flights delayed. There was bad weather up and down the east coast. I got in to RDU at about 9:30 and was home close to midnight. I loved being home and can't wait to see everyone in a month.

As an added bonus, my mom emailed the pictures. I had to help her download the ones she had one her camera. So included in the Thanksgiving pictures were ones from my brother's ceremony and other pictures she had. Here's one where my mom and I are pinning my brother.

Once J got assigned a unit, the first place he went for training was Ft. Benning in Columbus, GA. He stopped off at home for a few days before he went to camp and apparently stained the back porch. Here is his "first day of school" type picture as he left home and went to camp.

Hope everyone had a good holiday. Good luck on finals KT, hope you don't get any more crappy weekend phone calls Sarah.


Thanksgiving: Part 1- plane etiquette

I went home to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I flew because my mom found a good deal on a flight. My brother & sister flew too. Early on Wednesday evening, I parked at the Park & Ride at RDU and called my mom. The little bus came and I told her I'd call her later. No more than 15 minutes later, this conversation happened:

Me - "hey mom, remember when I called you and told you I was getting on the bus?"
Mom - "yes"
Me - "guess where I am now"
Mom - "Still on the bus?"
Me - "At the gate."
Mom - "What? That's crazy! All 32 security lines are open in Atl"
Me - "All...both, are open here".

People, I love me some RDU. I had to get my boarding pass too! The "wait" for security was like 2 minutes and I had to go back through the metal detector because I had my cell in my pocket (whoops). The one bad thing is the lack of places to eat. I did have a nice burger and huge beer at the sports bar there, but if you get stuck at night, the only thing open is Popeye's chicken, which eww.

The flight down was uneventful. But Internet, let me give you a hypothetical:

You're on a plane. It's 2 seats, aisle, 3 seats. You are in the middle seat on the 3 side. There is a person next to you by the window, thus leaving the aisle seat open. What do you do?

If you didn't say MOVE OVER then you must be the lady that sat next to me. I mean come on! It's an open seat. I'm not exactly a skinny person either, so you must have enjoyed the fact that my thigh touched yours for the majority of the flight. Seriously people, if the opportunity comes to give yourself and other people some more room - do it. Even if it's just an hour flight. I'm not saying you should move 4 rows up or anything, but sliding over 1 seat isn't that complicated.

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