Thursday, June 09, 2005


Chillin' at the Holiday Inn

So I have decided that polygamy is too limiting. Instead, I have created the hotel. There are multiple floors with different types of people on each one. For example, floors 2 & 3 are the people that are really hot and who I'd like to have sex with. Such as Orlando Bloom, Matt Damon and Pacey Whitter. Those would also be divided into people I'd just like to see naked and people that I would also go out to dinner with.
The 4th floor is for people that I'm not interested in seeing naked, but who I think would be awesome people to hang out with. People like John Stewart and Stephen King. Then there's the floor with the hot married people who I'd want to keep together, but sometimes they're just too hot not to put in the hotel. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston owed that floor until the divorce. It's currently looking for leaders with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as the front runners. Britney and Kfed are not on the guest list.
There is also the hot girl floor, where my cross-over, Jennifer Nettles, resides. There is the athlete floor, the actor floor, the random hot guy floor, the singer floor. This way I can pick and chose who I'd like to talk, eat, sleep with everyday.
It also allows for flexibility. Say for example that Orlando is filming a movie and is not available. I can simply go down the hall and find a suitable replacement for the evening or until he returns. I figure this arrangement works well for everyone involved. I also give out guess passes so stay off my shit-list.

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