Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Family Feud

I love games. Board games, game shows, trivia, I love it all. Except Risk. Family feud is one of my favorites, possibly because I'm awesome at Fast Money. I so wanted to go to LA and be on the show, but lack of cash and time has ended that dream as of yet. The family part I've got in spades, however. I think that'd be the hardest part of being on the show. I have so many family members that would be great. maybe we could have a real family feud and have 2 teams go against each other- like parents and kids. Hmm, I'm calling Richard now.
I love it when a family has 4 smart people and one dumb one who says stuff like "operator" when asked what's in a operating room (seriously, someone said that). The part that confuses me is why, why do they always send the dumb one to fast money? I'd be so pissed at the person who blew it. If the first person can get 100 points, the second person needs to pull their weight and win.
Which brings me to the point of this entry- who writes/judges on the feud? Sometimes the fast money questions are so narrow that only one answer is going to get any points, while other times there are questions that have so many "right" answers that the #1 only gets like 15 points which is BS. Most of the time the questions are fair, but every once and awhile the network screws someone out of $20K. Also, the judges need to work on what's close enough and what's not. I've some some crap answers get points b/c a judge deems it good enough and others that are the same thing get buzzed. All I know is that if I was close and they buzzed me, I'd smack someone. Maybe that'd why I'm never going to be asked to do the show.

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