Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Kiddie drinkin'

So this is why my brother has drinking problems; I knew that castle was no good. Damn you Legos for making J smoke cigarettes in middle school.

By the way, who the hell pays $70+ for old Legos? Although the monorail was sweet. J had it set up on the Lego table my dad built and it ran all around the Lego town. I guess we should have known he was having problems when none of his houses had the Lego flowers out front.

Did anyone else have Rocklords? They were the dumbest toy ever, but we loved them. I totally remember this guy. I mean, why would you want a Transformer, excuse me, Gobot whose alter ego, if you can call it that, was a rock? I mean the other guys got to be cars and planes and then other animals, but a damn rock? Seriously. My mom made us give some to a friend of ours once because we stayed with our cousins instead of going back to his house for a sleep over. So maybe the Austrians are wrong and that kids are druggies because they get their toys taken away and need drugs to cope with the loss of their Rocklords.

I love old school toys. Not the "new" ones that are coming back, but the really old ones. Like Sit n'Spin. My brother and I used to try and throw the other one off. It was awesome. Now it has lights and music. Wtf! Tear.

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