Friday, June 24, 2005


Oprah can suck it

What a freaking baby. So she wasn't allowed in Hermes. That's "one of the most humiliating moments of her life"? I wish my life was that good. Seriously, I've fallen in front of people, walked into a wall, drunk and dialed the guy I liked and told him so, left my fly down countless times, threw up all over a frat bathroom, almost got kicked out of a state park for drinking, kissed a gay guy and thought he was straight, had quad boob, and many, many other things much more embarrasing than not being able to buy a freaking thousand dollar purse.

I know she's a powerful Hollywood figure and I know she's worked her way to the top and I admire her for that, but please, tell me why everyone kisses Oprah's ass? Ellen's show is much better, as is Conan and Letterman and The Daily Show.

Oprah needs to grow up, realize it was a mess-up, build a bridge and get over it. If she holds a grudge, she's being more of a jackass than the sales person at Hermes.

LOL I can't stop laughing at Oprah. That's so ridiculous !
People are dying in the world because they can't afford a meal, and she's winning because she can't buy some Hermes...
Exactly. This is worse than the time she went after the meat people. I'll bet she goes to Mickey D's at least once a month.
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