Friday, June 17, 2005


Sloth and reading

I have done nothing for the last two days except read, sleep, watch TV and sleep some more. My class was switched from its usual Friday to Monday because my professor had tickets to the US Open. I only have 2 weeks of class left, which means I have a final coming up, which means I should have used these last 2 days to study. But, I didn't.

On another note, I don't really like books that are made up of letters. For some reason, I've never gotten into that. It always feels as if there are missing pieces. It's not like a good mystery where you keep reading even when you're died to figure out who done it, but it's like you didn't get a part of the background, a missing clue, something to hold the letters together.

I try to read some, especially ones that have gotten good reviews, to try and see if my tastes have changed over time. But so far I still don't care for them.

Reading tastes do change over time. And I don't just mean from Dr. Seuss to "grown-up" stuff. I never liked science fiction until I was in college. Now, Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors. I think the reason I like him so much is because his writing isn't all crazy weird sciencey. It's normal people, maybe with a special gift, or in space, or with aliens, but the way they think is similar to regular people. And it makes you think.

There are multiple kinds of books that I like. There are the easy reading, feel-good types, the fun, fast paced mystery/gangster novels, the histories and the ones that make you think. It's good to mix them up. I'm trying to read more than just law text because if I don't, I'll go nuts. Any good gems? Send 'em my way.

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