Thursday, June 30, 2005


Things that don't go together

1- Happy Birthday Jeff!

2- I just vacuumed up a toothbrush. I have to vacuum every few days because if I don't, small hair animals turn up in the corners of rooms, thanks to Layla.

3- I only have one more day of class.

4- I am avoiding studying by watching America's Next Top Model on VH1.

5- I have not showered in over 24 hours, which is a lot, if you know me. My hair is special and needs to be washed every 18 hours or so, otherwise it will take it's wrath out on small children. Thanks Dad!

6- I can often get more done in pajamas than I can in normal clothes. Except for shopping. I feel the need to abstain from wearing plaid pants to Food Lion. I don't know when that happened since it was perfectly acceptable to do so in college.

7- Maalox is still my friend, although for different reasons at the moment.

8- Adding honey to General Tso's chicken makes it even better.

9- My office looks like an 8th grader's backpack threw up. Papers, books and random objects are everywhere. It doesn't help that my ceiling fan needs to be on at all times or the heat from the 3 computers would melt my desk.

10- Toby Keith's new CD is good. And it's the only Toby CD that I've bought for myself. Which brings me to another long as you support the artist via other methods, you should be able to download their music for free.

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