Tuesday, June 14, 2005


You got me on my knees

This is Layla:

She might look cute, but she's a pain in my butt. Posted by Hello

We've figured out that she's mostly golden retriever, with some Chow (based on the tongue) and I think there's some crazy mixed in too. She likes to rub her face on stuff. All the corners of the walls, the tables, the couch and anything else with a surface that sticks out, has had her face smushed against it at some point. She also likes to run into people and rub their hands. I don't know why she does it. She has dry skin, according to the vet, but I use special shampoo with oatmeal to prevent itching. She doesn't have fleas. I think she's just nuts.

She, like my other dogs, likes water as long as it's not clean. A pond filled with algae, check. A creek with mud, check. The bathtub, hell no. She has a sixth sense about it too. She comes upstairs all the time to wake me up in the morning, but she knows if I'm planning on giving her a bath and becomes possessed and runs around downstairs like an idiot. At least she only weighs 55 lbs instead of the 80 lbs my other dogs weigh. This means I can pick her up and stick her in the tub if I need to. Teak, my other golden, has a patented jelly maneuver where, if you try to pick her up, she goes all floppy on you and she sinks to the ground. As of yet, Layla has not figured that out.

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