Friday, July 08, 2005



This is from my cousin Sara's 21st b-day. We went to ECU to say hi. Our pseudo cousin Danny and his friends are geniuses or alcoholics, either way they had too much time on their hands, and made a CD for power hour. There were 60 songs or TV clips or comedy bits, each 1 minute long. Every time the song changed, we took a shot of bud light. This event was heightened by my family's need to multitask at all possible times. This meant that we simultaneously played Scategories. The loser each round had to take an extra shot of Bud light. The cans are from the first 15 minutes of power hour.

When Sara got home from work, she caught up and then we attempted to take a timed picture. This did not go so well, see picture. Holly tried to take pictures for awhile and finally gave up. When I got home the next day I found the reason she was having so many problems was because she the camera on movie mode. There was about 20 minutes of Ann and me motioning for her to damn the damn picture already and of Holly looking at the camera and moving it around to see why it wasn't taking the pictures. Ah fun times.

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