Saturday, July 02, 2005


Game, Set, Match

Even though I wanted Lindsay Davenport to win, I have to admit that was one of the best tennis matches I've seen. Venus looked so happy at the end. One of the reasons why I never really pulled for Serena, Venus, Maria and other "big" names is because of the way they act on the court. Tennis is a sport that requires class, respect and gamesmanship. Lindsay Davenport has always been gracious, both in winning and losing. The Williams sisters, on the other hand, often times go overboard. I'm not saying that the flashy clothes or the massive jewelry is wrong, or that enthusiasm shouldn't be a part of the game, I just think they, along with other newer players, go a little too far.

Today, Venus, in regular tennis whites, played like the champion she is. She was happy and you could see it all over her face. But she didn't go overboard yelling and acting like a retard. And when she missed a point she didn't throw anything. I am not saying that a little racket tossing now and then ruins the game, but constant outbursts just make me not want to watch. Obviously John McEnroe was an excellent player, but even now I'd rather watch Pete "Monkey boy" Sampras play because McEnroe is annoying.

The one other thing that needs to be changed in tennis is the grunting. Made popular by Monica Seles, the huge grunts/screams after each hit are obnoxious. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so. I get that hitting something that hard cause some noise, and that maybe it gives you an edge, but when you are louder than a jet plane landing, you have some serious problems.

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