Monday, July 18, 2005


Outer Banks

I was at the beach last week with my family. Every year almost all of us get together in the Outer Banks. We rent a big house and spend the week playing board games, outdoor sports and hanging at the beach. This is us. Why they decided to take the family picture when we had just gotten out of the water I'll never know. This year we stayed at Beach Dreams in Corolla. They had a volleyball court in the backyard, but it was a combo of grass and sand and created some danger zones for ankles. It was still fun.

The boys played some horseshoes the first day before we even got in the house. You're supposed to wait for the cleaning crew, but the crew was late and we white trashed it up by setting up lawn chairs & drinking in the driveway.

The Hackmans loves us some Uno. Stacey got Uno Attack for Christmas and we played a large game. It's pretty fun when it spits cards out at you. Stacey apparently had it out for Jed.

The boys played alot of cards at night. They invented a few new games including snake and 6 pack. They get pretty creative when they're drunk. Unless they're quoting Monty Python or Blazing Saddles, in which case they're just silly.

Aunt Nan and Jessica made some weird Jello dessert. Jessica has diabetes so we tried to make most stuff sugar free.

Ann bought a Jeep the week before. So we decided to drive on the beach at the point. We almost got stuck, but pulled out of it. Some nice people waited until we got out to drive away. Thanks white truck people. Ann decided her favorite part of owning a Jeep was driving through puddles.

Overall my family is crazy and loud and fun and full of love. They're the bestest.

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