Friday, July 22, 2005



While I was in Corolla with my family, my cousins Ann & Sara and I went to Port O Call to see my friends play. They played an excellent show, and I'm not just saying that because I was on the guest list and they bought me a beer. If you live in DC or VA, go check them out. If you're going to be anywhere near where they're playing you should see them- they're fun, they do shots onstage, they play great songs, they do not play Jessie's Girl, they're hot.

I wish I had any sort of musical talent other than knowing the words to a lot of 80s songs. I played flute, piano and keyboard in various grades in elementary and middle school, but they could never hold my attention. But guys with guitars are hot- especially if they're wearing sunglasses or leather pants. Then I don't have a choice but to try and jump them, it's biological. I just wish some family members, who will remain nameless, wouldn't have been bitches, and also that the drinks were cheaper so that Ann and Sara could have kicked back a few more. They still liked the show, but, other than driving and roller coasters, what's not better with alcohol?

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