Wednesday, July 20, 2005



I have sunburned legs. They hurt. When they first got burnt I had to apply aloe every hour and it was hard to put pressure on them, thus walking up stairs took 3 times longer than usual. It's been almost a week and they're still bright red. I have switched to lotion and that seems to be working ok. I can walk normally now, but sleeping on my stomach is still out of the question.
Another thing that sucks is that I can't shave my legs. My leg hair is starting rival Pete Sampras'. It's spiky which means it hit my pant legs and thus causes more pain to the already hurting legs. Today when I got home, I put on lose fitting pj pants. That means I am currently in the highest state of fashion since I am sporting red and green plaid pants and a blue, white and maroon striped shirt. I'm classy like that. Stupid sun. Stupid legs. Stupid sunscreen that doesn't last 10 hours.

Update*- the burn has turned to small little blisters which means it's about ready to peel. Which means that I can shave in about 2 days! Wohoo!

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