Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Break out the crazy pills

School starts in less than a week. I know that I've been complaining to the people around me that I don't have enough to do, work wise, but I lied. I'm not ready for school. I need at least another week. I know we're going to assignments for the first day of class, but my professors are all being slack and not posting anything. I just spent over $300 on books for the semester- none of which I'll be using next semester. I have been told that one of the books is the most important book I'll ever buy, so I guess investing that $26 was a good idea.

I'm just so stressed out. The assistant dean in charge of scholarships and admission left this year to help start a new school so he left with too much work and not enough people. That meant I didn't find out about my scholarship until 2 weeks ago. Which meant that my stomach was in knots for over a month because I didn't know I would be able to pay tuition and have heat. Without that money, I would have barely cleared tuition even if I took out all my loans.

Which brings me to my next problem. Damn loan people. I called the other day to clear everything and make sure I was doing everything properly. My mom is going to co-sign so that my interest is lower. I asked how to do that. They said go online. I did. Apparently, in order to get a co-signer application, the site needs about 5 IDs and PINs and other numbers that I don't have. Thanks loan people! You just wasted over an hour of my time and my mom's.

Today I worked on a research project for a professor. I enjoy the work for the most part, but sometimes it's like I just keep adding on things that I should give up. I spent about 6 hours looking up statutes. True, I get paid my $6/hour, but while I was at school, I found that I should have been working on a law review article since topics are running out and we have less than a month to write one. I know it's an honor to make it, and I'm happy for the chance, but I'm going to have so many papers and projects the first 2 months that I don't know what I should be doing. Which means that I'm watching TV.

Lastly is all the club stuff. I have to balance a budget that's all screwed up since people never give me the receipts. Today someone gave me a ticket from April. It's pissing me off. I'm so afraid that I'm going to screw up and make SBA go into debt. I'm on about 5 other clubs and have officer positions on 2 of them. Now I have an opportunity to be on a faculty board. I don't want to pass it up since I know I'd be good at it and I don't want to skip an chance to work closer with my professors. So I'm going to try out.

I know I sound like a huge whiner, and I'm sure in a few weeks, once I've gotten into my routine, I'll be fine. But right now, I need some Zoloft and Maalox and sleep- in that order. But what I'll get is diet coke, work, and naps. Thank god for good music and caffeine.

Hey Ryan,
I wanted to say I feel for you after reading this post. I also feel bad that I dumped some monotonous task on you, meaning the 200 PDF's, but it could help with the financial situation, right?

Anyway, Sarah and I (extreme lushes) drove all the way to Tyson's Corner this evening so we could buy 2 cases of $3.29 wine. We just finished a whole bottle of Shiraz, and now we are watching George Carlin, (correction, Sarah is passed out and I'm listening to George Carlin while typing this post). Anyway, good luck with your upcoming semester, we will be thinking about you or we could do some real good and send you some $3.29 wine.

Dave Hill
ok, i think dave was definitely drunk when he posted his comment. I too got an email from him right after this. and dave NEVER emails he had to be drunk. too bad we weren't there...that would have been fun.
Ryan - i'm here for you to whine to me too! don't worry kiddo, you can do it and you'll be fine. love you!
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