Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Must See TV

So I have been checking out all the stations to find the new days/times for my shows. As of now, here's what will be on at my house:

Monday- 9pm- NBC- Las Vegas - Josh Duhamel is too cute.
Tuesday- 8pm- WB- Gilmore Girls (recap on TWoP) ; 9pm- Fox- House
Wednesday- 8pm- WB- One Tree Hill
Thursday- 8pm- Fox- The OC; 9pm- WB- Everwood

Lacking here is ABC. The only possible shows that I would watch are Desperate Housewives (which I have made a conscious effort to not watch since, as you can see, I have enough shows) or Grey's Anatomy (which I don't watch since I already have 1 medical show, House, which is better). Plus they're on Sunday and I have an 8 am on Monday and I always have homework. I also thought about maybe adding Fox's Bones, but I already have a Tuesday 8pm show. Plus it looks a little too CSI for me.
Other shows that I will watch include Dog and Friends and Jeopardy, but those repeated and/or on enough that I won't mind missing an episode here or there.
I am debating about recapping some of my shows since TWoP has put OTH and Everwood on hiatus. The problems are 1) I don't have TiVo which makes watching shows difficult unless I record them which adds the stress of remembering to tape them 2) I wouldn't be getting paid for the recaps 3) I am in law school and have enough shit to do and even watching the airing episode of the show is time when I should be studying 4)nobody reads this website so I'd be wasting my time.
However, I like to read the old recaps and maybe people are looking for what I think about Lucas's hair or Ephram's for that matter. I don't know what I'm going to do yet.
I just hope no other really good shows come on during my time slots. I could use a Monday show- and I would especially love if Project Runway came back. So here's to the new fall line-ups!

ryan - i read your blogs!!!!
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