Wednesday, August 10, 2005


New shows that I must watch

So I already have my cadre of regular shows and I've tried not to add more since I spend an obscene amount of time watching TV. For example, I intentionally didn't start watching Desperate Housewives since I knew I would like it and couldn't handle a Sunday night drama since I have an 8 am on Mondays and need to study. So of course I've added a few new shows over the summer b/c I am a TV whore.

The first is House. Which is awesome. Hugh Laurie is a crazy good actor and I love to watch him verbally bitch slap people. Plus, while I normally don't go for older guys, he's yummy. I'm glad TWoP is recapping them now b/c the majority of the shows I watch are no longer being recapped. That's probably b/c I watch such dumb shows, but whatever.

The second is Dog the Bounty Hunter. This is Matt's fault. I was at their house and we stayed up until 5 am watching Iron Chef and multiple episode of Dog. First of all, I fell in love with Leland. He is adorable. Then I fell in love with the theme song. I don't know why, but the way Ozzy says, "boun-ty hunt-er" gets me all amped. Their family is so wonderfully bizarre. You can tell they've all gone through rough times, have learned from them and come out stronger. You can also see the love they have for each other. Beth is a trip and I really want to know how big her boobs are and how she doesn't have back problems. I never knew the crap Tim had gone though until I read the "posse" profile. That is so sad and scary. My point is that I must now watch another show on Tuesdays. Also, my mom's maiden name is Chapman so maybe we're related, and that'd be cool.

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