Monday, August 08, 2005


Old School

I just read some of my so called "book" that I wrote my freshman year. Damn, I was quite the asshole. No wonder my friends from that era don't really talk to me anymore. I hope I wasn't that cocky in person.

Example, "It seems that everything in life is preparing you for something else. Preschool prepares you for elementary school which prepares you for middle school. Middle school prepares you for high school which prepares you for college. College prepares you for the rest of your life. I just have one question, when do you actually stop preparing and really live?"

Good lord. I thought I was so smart and philosophical. Turns out I was a jackass. Then again I think a lot of college freshman are. I see my sister and what she and her friends are doing and remember doing similar stuff. Luckily I think I outgrew my asshole phase.

Check this nugget of wisdom, "Shoelaces are like life. The harder you try to keep them together the faster they fall apart." That was me being witty. Nice huh?

I've never been good at keeping diaries or journals. I have about 50 of them with random amounts of pages filled up. I start news ones and then quit after a week or so. Hopefully I will keep it up online. I do like to do "emotional writing" where you just start to write with your mind a blank and keep going until your exhausted. It's an awesome way to see how you actually feel. I have kept lots of samples from middle school through college and it's cool to go back and read them and see what I was thinking about. If I'm ever in NY, I'll definitely contribute to this. Great idea, and I wish I could have listened to what other people wrote while they were tweens.

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