Saturday, August 06, 2005


Sage Advice

I was planning on starting a regular entry called Life Lessons from Mom or something along those lines. A long time ago (aka freshman year in college) I started writing a "novel". It turned into a bunch of random short entries, which then turned into a bunch of lists, which I called chapters. One of the "chapters" included stuff I've learned from my mother and various friends and family over the years. I'll add onto the list when new stuff comes around, but this is what I had:

Lessons from Mom:
1- Never refuse a mint.
2- When in doubt, 350 degrees for an hour.
3- At some point in life, you will be ready for your parents to die. (I'm not there yet and I don't think she is either, although her father passed away a few years ago)
4- Find a good cheesecake recipe and keep it forever.

Sage Advice from Jessica: Toasting anything makes it better.

So there you go. Like I said, I'll be adding to the lists as I learn new stuff.

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