Saturday, August 27, 2005


Saturdays Between the Hedges

Next week starts football season for UGA. It's about this time every year that I start to get nostalgic for Athens. I love that campus. It's bowled shaped and if you go downhill, you end up at the stadium. Downtown is loaded with people in red and black, drinks in hand. People you've never met will offer you food or drinks and high-five you after a good play. Traditions surround you and when the redcoats play "Glory, Glory" I really do tear up from all the energy that surrounds me. This will be the third season that I haven't been to a game. I've watched everyone that's been on TV and plan to do so again.
When I was young, I wasn't a big football fan. Then I moved to the south and, as Barbara Dooley says, "It's just a fact that as a child of the SEC, that's what you do on Saturdays during the fall." Luckily, I now live in an area that gets Fox Sports South so I get more games than I did in DC. The sad part is that I'm still out range for Larry Munson. Listening to him call a game is a highlight of every Georgia student/fan/alumni, and I miss it.

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