Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Trip to Dad's

Last weekend, my sibs and I went to Denver to visit my dad. He's getting remarried Aug 20th. We couldn't be there for the actual wedding b/c of school, so went we out to visit. I still think it's weird that my dad is getting married again. I mean, Donna is cool and fits well with him, but it's still weird. Anyways, we had an action packed weekend.

Thursday we went to a Rockies game. Since the Rockies suck pretty bad right now, we bought tickets from a scalper and sat close. They played the Phillies and I took a picture of Chase Utley for Ann. Holly and I walked around and their bullpens were pretty nice- had fountains and stuff.
Friday we went to the Celestial Seasonings tea factory and took the free tour. I saw it on the Food Network and thought it looked cool. It was a decent tour and we got free tea.
Friday night we left for Cheyenne, Wyoming for Frontier Days. We went to the Toby Keith concert and had tickets in the front. I've never been that close to a "major" artist. I mean I've seen some before they were "big" and stood next to the stage, but I got hit by the confetti during "Stays in Mexico" and that was a trip for me. That night all 5 of us stayed in 1 hotel room. Jeff, Holly and I slept in 1 bed.

Saturday we went to the Fair grounds and saw the parade. Then we went to the rodeo. It was pretty cool. Some Army guys from NC parachuted into the arena. Then the riding began. It was very long- they had 3 rounds of bull riding, saddle bronc and bareback. It rained a little bit, but not too bad. Jeff bought an Indiana Jones hat. We were going to take one of those olden times pictures and make Jeff dress up as the whore with Hol and I as the cowboys, but Jeff wouldn't do it.

Sunday we took a driving tour of Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes. It was pretty fun. I don't like heights when I can't control stuff so every time we came to an edge in the car, Jeff would poke me and point. We saw elk and bighorn sheep and tons of flowers. We went to a small pub and they carded Jeff but he'd forgotten ID and they wouldn't serve him. I thought that was funny.
Overall the trip was fun and it was nice being able to get to know Donna a little better.

My pictures
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