Monday, September 12, 2005


15 Minutes inside my head

So I am discovering that I am more like my mother everyday. My thoughts go all kinds of cuckoo. I supposed they are logical in one sense. I shall describe.

Today I had a can of generic (Food Lion brand) beefaroni. Technically it was beefy macaroni. It tastes surprisingly like the Chef Boyardee kind. What does not taste like Chef Boyardee beefaroni is Chef Boyardee ABCs with mini meatballs. I have never looked at the ingredients list, but it would be kind of a shock if the ingredients between those "Italian" dishes was that distinct as to produce such a different taste.

With my Food Lion beefy macaroni, I had a glass of milk. Here's where the crazy tangents kicks in. First I thought- the reason I am drinking milk is because my water tastes like ass and I haven't gone to the store in 2 weeks. I have been drinking iced tea but didn't feel like boiling water to make some. I haven't drunk milk in a long time. I put it on cereal, but I don't normally have a glass.

Back to beefaroni- I remember one time when I was little and I was eating beefaroni and all we had to drink was orange juice. That combination is not recommended, especially since I threw up. That was a pretty site. Looked like a crime scene.

now to OJ- other things that are not good with OJ. Everyone knows not to brush your teeth and then drink OJ. You should also not brush then drink cranberry juice. You get the same effect.

Have you ever tried that drink where you have OJ in a glass and tell someone to drink it and pretend that it's milk? Very weird.

Those all went through my head at an alarming fast rate. Then when I was looking up beefaroni, I came upon this. When did amazon start selling beefaroni?

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