Tuesday, September 27, 2005



Ok so here's what I'm thinking:

1) I love House more and more. I do not want to wait until November to see new episodes.

2) I haven't been to the store in awhile and all that was left in the pantry was tuna. However, I did not have mayo. So I used ranch dressing. I like it better. Especially on a toasted bun with melted cheese. Added a little kick.

3) Today I discovered that my dog has been sleeping on the couch all day. I have long suspected, but it rained last night and her paws got all muddy this morning and I didn't have time to clean them. When I got home, my off white slip cover had the evidence all over it. No wonder my throws smell like dog with her curling up on them for hours at a time.

4) Speaking of the dog, Layla seriously needs a haircut. She's looking like Joey Potter when her layers all started growing out. I think I may have just dated myself there, which is sad.

5) My brother called me today on his break because he hadn't talked to me in awhile and asked if I had plans for the weekend. Last week he had lunch with my sister. When did he become a girl? Not that I have a problem with it, I think it's great that he wants to hang out with us.

6) Georgia football still rules.

7) LSU totally should have won that game last night. Orange is ugly.

8) I like this shirt. My extended family is from DE so props to the tax free state.

9) It's annoying when you have to work with a partner on a project and you work your ass off to meet a deadline they imposed, but they don't do it. And it's even more annoying when you have to write them a to-do list because otherwise they won't do it by the actual deadline.

10) Tonight is the first night when I've been able to study without having something due or pressing or a meeting. It's nice just to read-even if what you're reading is Evidence and you don't understand a damn word of it.

11) The WB does a crappy job saying when most of their season premieres are. Everwood starts on Thursday- as in 2 days from now. I missed the Gilmore Girls season opener. I checked the site last week and there was no info on Everwood. But, I get to see Bright on Thursday so yay!

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