Sunday, September 11, 2005



Ok, so the game yesterday. I cannot describe it as awesome for the following reasons:

1) We should have spanked the cocks (hee hee). We just barely hung on and that's b/c their place kicker didn't do so hot.

2) Spurrier did not have a proper visor toss. Or even a good clip board throw.

3) Shockley threw 2 ints. I do think he could be a great QB. He just needs to learn how to take some pressure and stay calm. That was a skill David Green had in spades.

However, there were some things that were great about the game:

1) We won. In the long run that's all that matters. Especially in the BCS system. This was an early game so the close score won't affect us too much.

2) Thomas Brown freaking did an awesome job. Ran for close to 150 yards.

3) I called the missed point after attempt. Even called it wide right. True, I didn't say it was going to hit the upright, but come one people, I was close. I also called the first UGA pick of the game.

4) While he did not throw the visor (see above), he did throw his headphones.

5) Lots of close-ups of Uga VI. That dog is too cute. Seeing him totally makes me want to humiliate Layla and put a sweater of some kind on her.

6) Shockely tried the David Green hold onto the ball faker move. He didn't quite pull it off as gracefully, and it didn't get points, but that wasn't his fault.

All in all, it wasn't pretty, but chalk up a "W" for the Dawgs.

what an awesome recap! thanks ryan :)
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