Thursday, September 29, 2005


Two Things

First thing: Tonight’s Everwood was awesome. Bright = adorable. Amy’s hair = adorable. Hannah’s dorky hair and the fact that she was shy about it = adorable. The airport kiss = jealous, and adorable. The wedding = sniff, and yes, adorable. Delia’s hair and the fact that she wrote Ephram = adorable. Ephram’s hair = still awful- cut it boy. Hot new gay doctor = hot.

I am so glad I watched Gilmore Girls on Tuesday or I would have missed that tonight was the season premiere and then I would have had to kick the WB’s collective ass. And I don’t have that kind of time.

Second thing: While watching Everwood, I was in the mood for something sweet. As I have not been to the store in awhile, I didn’t really have anything. But, I did have some Lucky Charms. And milk. Or so I thought. The expiration date on the carton said “Oct 3” and no, the milk is not a year old. As it is only “Sept. 29” I was all “right on! Milk and cereal! I took the first bite and tasted a problem. Instead of being magically delicious, my Charms were magically vomit inducing. Damn milk and it’s false advertising of freshness. Then, I got the bright idea that the 6 month old ice cream sandwich in the freezer might clear the rancid taste out of my mouth. Wrong again. It was a combination of chewy, crunchy and mushy. Maybe that’s good for a gordita, but it ain’t right for ice cream. I ended up making tea.

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