Friday, September 16, 2005


Weekly Wrap-up

Sunday- 13 hour budget meeting where we cut law school prom

Monday- The shit hit the fan when clubs found out we axed pretty much everything. I also talked with the Dean to figure out why we had no $.

Tuesday- Met with the NC bar Association people who told me I could attend parts of meeting instead of the whole thing which means maybe I'll start going. Also found out that the accounting office screwed up and that we had $8000 more than we thought we had, thus making a 13 hour meeting useless.

Wednesday- Read a case where a dude shot another dude in the leg pulling the gun out of his car. Both auto and homeowner's covered it. Moral of the story- read your insurance policies.

Thursday- My only class of the day was canceled. However, we had an 8 am make-up class, then I had 3 meetings, an appointment to give blood and a client interview. The blood people stuck me, then lost the vein. So I have a hole in my arm and nothing to show for it. The interview went well except that Laurie and I forgot to ask about financing since neither of us know anything about it. Oh well. Got the law review paper back and it's shredded. So now I know how I'll be spending this weekend. Although I still need to start my brief.

Friday- Only one class. Then lunch with Becky. Then someone failed to show up for a meeting so I walked around like a jackass for 30 minutes. Got confirmation that the accounting office f-ed up. Hockey group tickets are pretty much sold out for the opening game. So we need to figure out what we're going to do about that. Now I am going to pick up a sub for dinner in shorts when I haven't shaved in a week. Hope nobody notices.

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