Sunday, October 16, 2005


Are you ready...

For the BCS? I don't know if I am yet, but there's not much I can do to change it. I watched a special the other night where Coach Richt said he wouldn't want a play off because then regular season games don't mean as much. I never thought of it that way, and I guess he's got a point. I'd still like to see the 8 teams that go to the big 4 games have a playoff. that way there'd still be weight to regular season games b/c you'd need wins to get to the big 4. But whatever.

Here are my feelings for today's games. First, UGA did well and decided not to run up the score, as evidenced by Joe III coming in for Shockley at the end. And what's with the foghorn? I don't get it, aren't they birds? The rest of our schedule doesn't seem that difficult, but you never know- Auburn might pull one out. I also agree with the announcer that Jacksonville is not a neutral site- it's in Florida. We need to alternate- J'ville and Atlanta. Hopefully this will be Richt's 2nd SEC Championship team and we'll go to a good bowl. Now we just need VT, USC and UT to lose and we'll be set to go to the Rose bowl. The best thing about tonight game was that Richt was looking hot. The black turtleneck looked good. Every time they showed his wife (who is the water girl which is just about the cutest thing ever) or one of his sons, I felt all bad though.

The hatred I feel for USC grows weekly. Pete Carrol is such a little bitch. I think the Trojans feed off my anger. Everytime they've been losing and I start watching the game, they come back and win. This happened tonight. I didn't watch the game at all until the last 42 seconds. And what happens? Notre Dame does a kick ass job and SC gets a cheap shot at the goal. I wanted someone to punch Matt Leinert in the face. Now my friends know not to call me until the game is over.

Florida lost. That puts them 2 games behind in the SEC East- still behind to Vanderbilt- hee!

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