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Super Drinking Board Games

I've mentioned Super Drinking fun before, but I figured I would explain the rules and the back story to allow for family fun for everyone.

Back story: Last year, while I was visiting my brother, we got bored. He had one of those 12-in-1 game sets so we started playing. We fell in love with a game called Speedway. It is deceptively simple. There is an oval with the number 2-12 on it. You're supposed to play with 2 people, but more can be added- especially when turned into Super Drinking Speedway. You have a piece for each player and 2 dice. You must roll a 5 or a combination of 5 to get on the board. Then you roll each number to move to a space. For example, you're on 5, you must roll a 6 or a combination of 6 (e.g. 2 & 4) to move to 6. You can only move up one number at a time, that is if you're on 4, you must next go to 5. If you land on a space with someone on it, they go back to start (they don't have to roll another 5 however- once you get on the board, you stay on). That's all there is to it- rolling to try and get a number. However, this game can take hours to play and it sucks you in with it's simplicity and complexity at the same time.

Drinking: We added drinking rules to spice up the game. Matt, my brother's roommate, helped to create Super Drinking Speedway. The rules are as follows:
1- If you send someone back, they drink
2- If you roll doubles that you don't need, you drink
3- If you roll doubles that you can use, everyone else drinks
4- If someone rolls the number you need, you drink (aka Jeff's rule)

That's it. We've added other rules to make the game more interesting. Some are optional, others are not.
1- Void. This is probably the best rule and the most fun to use. If someone does not drink the required amount of drinks before they roll they dice on their turn, any other player yells out void and that player's turn is skipped. This requires that everyone pay attention. Plus, yelling void is fun.
2- Three knock. This is to move the game along and is optional. Once a player rolls the dice finished his/her turn, the next player has 3 seconds to grab the dice. This is done by any other player knocking 3 times on the table and grabbing the dice. The player to the left of the skipped player then rolls, unless he/she is also three knocked.
3- Knock out- if a player needs to pee, get a refill etc., they may opt to knock out. This means that plays continues as if they weren't there. Their drinks are counted and when the knock back in, they must drink the required amount before they can roll again, or they are voided. The other players must not add drinks.

These basic rules have been added to Multiple board games in the last few years. So far, we have played Super Drinking:
1- Popomatic Trouble (you must say the 'popomatic' or it doesn't count.
1- Sent back = you drink
2- When you get to move (i.e. roll a 6 and have a man enter the game) everyone else drinks
3- When you get a man 'home' everyone else drinks
4- When you roll a 4 you drink
5- Void
6- Optional 3 knock

2- Sorry
1- Sent back, you drink
2- 2 or 1 allowing you to get a man on board = everyone drinks
3- Slide rule- if you slide and knock someone home they drink 2 times- once for the slide and once for being sent home
4- backwards - if you get a 4 or if you opt to go back 1 when you pick a 10, you drink
5- If you get a man 'home' you drink, note he must be home not in the safety zone
6- Void

3- CandyLand
1- Sent back, you drink (this includes going back to start if someone lands on you, or moving backwards because of a character card)
2- Blue, you drink
3- Double = everyone drinks
(note, if you pick a double blue, you drink 2 times and everyone else drinks 1)
4- Character card- whoever yells out the correct name on the card gets to chose 1 player to drink
5- Stuck on Gloppy or licorice = you drink
6- If you opt to take the 'Rainbow Trail' or 'Gumdrop Pass', you drink for taking the easy way out
7- Void

4- Chutes and Ladders
1- If you go up a ladder, everyone drinks the number of spaces/5
2- If you go down a snake/chute, you drink the number of spaces/5
3- If you roll a 4, you drink
4- If you land on a space that's a multiple of 5, you drink
5- If you're landed on and go back to start, you drink
6- Void

We've tried Trivial Pursuit, but it's not as fun as the others. Super Drinking Board Games provide hours of Super Drinking Fun. I would recommend that all players decided to spend the night wherever they play since you get drunk very quickly when playing these games. Also, I would suggest beer or semi-weak mixed drinks or you'd be dead in about 30 minutes.

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