Wednesday, November 16, 2005


2 totally unrelated topics

Topic 1: So I've been depressed lately. Due to the sadness, I figured I should read something uplifting, or at least an easy read that would not depress me further. So I started Harry Potter.

Harry and I have never been close. I made a decision when the first book came out that I would not fall into the huge mega fan club. I have a general problem with Oprah book clubs and mass appeal novels. There are so many excellent writers out there that don't get the praises they should and so many crappy writers who make millions because someone told people to buy the book. I don't refuse to read best sellers or Oprah's books or anything, I just try to not stick to them. (Side note, spell check wanted to change Oprah's or ovary's- hee!)

So when Harry was getting all this praise, I was sort of pissed because there are other children's books that I think are better- almost all of Roald Dahl's books for example. He was a fabulous writer with a crazy-ass imagination.

I watched the movies, fell in love with Wood (dirty) and felt like a dirty old lady when I thought Daniel Radcliffe looked hot on and ET cover. (Kid was 14, ew.) Anyways, Harry and I have made amends. The books are good. I want to clarify that I never said they weren't. I just think it's a little ridiculous that someone made a gajillion dollars and everyone went nutso. Then again I have a Legolas doll. And a poster. And all the movies. And a checkers set. Shut up. Oh well, I supposed I'd rather have one lady make all that money while other writers get nothing as long as it means that kids are reading and not just playing PlayStation. I finished the first 3 in a week.

Topic 2: This is a conversation I had today with my mom:

Mom: "Margaret and I were discussing oatmeal and she says Irish oatmeal is better. I bought some today."
Me: "I think it tastes the same."

Blah blah thanksgiving, blah Christmas, blah remember when Grandma told Holly not to pierce her nipple...

Hold up.
Me: "Umm what's that now?"
Mom: "In Colorado, you were there."
Me: "Noooo, I think I would have remembered that. I was working."
Mom: "Oh yea, well that must have been the Christmas when Holly got her belly button pierced and we were talking about piercings and Grandma pulled Holly aside and said, "Don't get your nipple pierced. I know you don't know it now, but that's an erogenous zone."
Me: "Seriously? I would have fallen out." (Note, at that time my sister was 16 and my grandma was 79.)
Mom: "That would have been awkward. I mean it's bad enough if it was your mom, but your grandmother."

blah arm surgery, blah new mattress, blah siblings, blah cats, blah Jennifer Weiner

40 minutes later...
Mom: "So you've had Irish oatmeal and don't think it tastes different?"
Me: "Wha?"

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