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Can you get post period syndrome? Because if you can, I've got it. I have been in a bad mood for the last couple of days. A lot of people at school are feeling this way. Maybe it's because the air is colder and the sun goes down earlier. Maybe it's pre-final jitters. Maybe it's because if people would just do their damn jobs already I wouldn't have to be pissed off.

Which brings me to my real point. I am in law school. That means everyone there has graduated not just high-school, but college. Which means they should not act like jackasses. I understand the high-school like gossip and drama- we're a small school and people talk. Life would be boring otherwise. But seriously, everyone there should be old enough by now to know what they can and can't handle.

As in, if you are someone's partner for a paper, project or exam, and their grade depends on you, you don't leave them at the last minute to work on your own shit. You don't leave them to finish writing memos or 'common portions' alone. You don't add stress to their lives and make them feel like assholes when they have to talk to a professor and explain that their paper will be late. You don't set a deadline and miss it because you can't get your shit together. Especially if the other person has worked their ass off to get it done on time. You don't sign on to be a president, secretary, member of a group and not do the work. You don't set a meeting time and show up with no agenda. You don't turn receipts in late.

I understand everyone is busy. I am just as busy as you are. I am taking just as many classes. Plus, it was your decision to add additional classes- you could have taken the minimum. It was your decision to join these clubs. It was your decision to take on what you did. So act your fucking age, cowboy up and do it.

Don't give me some bullshit about how you're tired, or have other class work, or an interview. I don't care. I have personal problems, I'm tired and overworked, but when someone else is relying on me, I get it done. Plus, while I know I whine about all I have to do, I know that I was the one who decided to do it and that if I really can't handle it, I can give it up. I'm not going to, because I love all that I do. I whine because it helps me vent and de-stress. But I still get my shit done. And I don't make other people cater to me and then not show.

I might give up some personal things- such as a nap, or explain to someone that, no I can't go to a movie or lunch because I have already committed to work with someone else that day. I might not want to work with them, but I said I would, thus I'll be there. I know stuff comes up. I know that plans have to change. I'm ok with that. But when you take on too much and can't get something done, it's not an accident, or an emergency or a snafu- it's your own fucking fault. You need to take responsibility for your own actions.

I let people walk all over me in college and take credit for my work because all I cared about was getting it done. That's not going to happen anymore. I don't need the credit for myself- I am established in that school, I don't need to worry. I have friends, I don't need more. I just don't want people to think that what they do is ok when it's not.

I want people kicked out of clubs, demoted to lower positions, or to be given an "f" if that's what they deserve. My degree is going to be compared to theirs and I want to know mine is worth something. I know people go through shit and I'm not saying that sometimes there's not a reason for missing a meeting, or turning an assignment in late. But when you let someone who constantly does that get away with it, you're hurting them and everyone else in the process. They think it's ok to shift plans and turn stuff in late because you let them. Then you grade them equally. Right. Don't devalue my work because you feel bad for someone else. If they can't do the work, too bad so sad. They can be something else. I can't do organic chemistry. I know that. I did not go to medical school and give a sob story and asked to be coached along. I don't want a doctor who failed out. I don't want a lawyer who failed out either. I know that sometimes standards can be hard, or that standardized testing isn't for everyone. But that's all we've got right now, and everyone needs to be held to the same standard and play by the same rules.

So to everyone to whom this applies, I have 2 words of advice:
Grow up.

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