Sunday, November 06, 2005



I wish they had a picture of this guy in all his gear. Lion-O was awesome. All the Thundercats were awesome- except Kit and Kat- annoying. I think Panthro was the most bad-ass since he normally drove the truck. Lion-O got the cool sword and got to say "Hooooo". Cheetara only got a stupid staff. She didn't even use it like Donatello- she just pole vaulted with it. I always thought Mumra was a stupid bad guy and was waiting for the episode when he got unwrapped. That would have been cool.

As you can tell, I am avoiding studying as much as possible.

Another side note- how awesome was college football this week? VT bites it! UCLA goes down. FSU loses to the Pack. Now we just need USC and UT to lose and GA is going to the Rose Bowl.
It could happen.

How did he not get run over?
Duh, he used the Sword of Omens to protect himself.
Geeze how could I forget he had a sword?
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