Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Deposit only

My mom called me today and told me that she wasn't able to deposit a check my brother had written her for the beach deposit. I assumed it was because while he is 24, his handwriting looks like he's 5. With a cast on. And Parkinsons.

Apparently the actual reason was because in the "To:" line, instead of "Mom" he wrote, "The old lady crying in the bank".

And the cashier would not accept that my mom was the old lady crying in the bank.
I thought that was funnier than the time Whit wrote me a check and put S_EX in the "For:" line. He added the underscore so people wouldn't know what it said. Or the time KT wrote "last night" in the "For:" line and a little old lady cashier did a double take when I cashed it.

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