Sunday, November 20, 2005


Family Calling Tree

Tonight I found out that my Pop-pop is in the hospital. We don't know much at this point. Apparently he was acting funny this morning and my aunt and grandma took him to the ER. They did some tests and found that he has a frontal mass tumor that is pushing on his brain. That's why he's acting goofy. He's on steroids to shrink the swelling, but they may have to operate. They don't know if it's cancer.

Within an hour, I spoke with 6 family members. We're all connected and everyone knows who to call when they get more news. Pop-pop isn't in any pain and last we heard, he was playing with the buttons on the bed, which is so typically Pop-pop that it breaks my heart.

Please add my Pop-pop to your list of prayers tonight. We're not ready to lose him yet. He's the roots of our crazy tree and without him, we might topple.

**Update** The body scan revealed no other masses which is good. He's hopped up on drugs so he's feeling no pain, but also has no idea what's going on. The steroids shrunk the tumor enough that he's having surgery tomorrow at 11 am. Keep praying that it's not cancer and that he makes it through the surgery.

**Update Update** He had surgery this morning and they found that it is not a tumor, but some sort of weird bacterial infection. This is both good and bad. Good because it's most likely not cancer. Bad because it's an infection in his brain. Hopefully antibiotics will clear it up and he'll be home by Thursday.

hey ry, you and your family are in my prayers. I love you!
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